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Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Baltimore County encourages the use of electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. EV adoption is expected to increase to 54 percent of new car sales by 2040. EVs can save money in fuel and maintenance costs, and their motors react more quickly compared to gas engines, making them quiet and fun to drive.

Types of EVs

There are three types of EVs with a common need of power from the utility grid:

  1. Plug-in Hybrid—Similar to conventional hybrids. These have batteries with a 10- to 40-mile range, which, when exceeded, are powered by a gas engine.
  2. Extended Range—Fully driven by an electric motor, which is initially powered by a battery. After its range is exhausted, it is powered by a generator run by a gasoline engine.
  3. Battery—Driven entirely by a battery-powered electric motor with a range of up to 220 miles.

Types of Charging Stations

There are three levels of charging stations, or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), available for residential/commercial use. Most EVs come with a Level One charging cable. Learn more details below, including time to full charge, driving range per hour of charging, charger requirements and compatibility, and where to locate each type of charger.

LevelCharge Time


8 to 10 

3.5 to 6.5 
  • Standard, 120 volt
  • Alternating current outlet
  • All EVs
  • Plug-in hybrids


4 to 6 

14 to 35 
  • 240 volt (residential)
  • 208 volt (commercial)
  • Alternating current plug
  • Dedicated 40-amp circuit
  • Installation of equipment
  • All EVs
  • Plug-in hybrids
  • Residential
  • Public parking
  • Places of employment
  • Commercial



  • 480 volt
  • Direct current plug
Equipment and charge not accepted by all vehicles
  • Shopping centers 
  • Major travel corridors

Find a Station

Use the following resources to learn more about charging station locations, costs, availability and accessibility:

County Stations

The County is working with BGE to provide a reliable charging network to residents at specific County properties and locations. Customers will pay $0.18 per kWh to charge on BGE’s EVsmart Level Two chargers and $0.34 per kWh to charge on BGE’s EVsmart DC Fast Chargers.

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