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Waterway Dredging

Aerial view of dredged navigational waterway.
Aerial view of dredged navigation channel

Dredging projects are designed and constructed to restore historic access for recreational and commercial boats to County waterways. Capital Projects and Operations (CPO) oversees each step of dredging projects including bathymetry surveys, design, permitting, construction of main channels and assistance with individual spur channels that connect to the main channel. Dredged channels are marked with aids to navigation buoys.

Waterway Dredging Program Highlights

CPO has completed dredging projects in the following waterways since 1988: Bird River, Railroad Creek, Seneca Creek, Goose Harbor, Galloway Creek, Frog Mortar Creek, Chestnut Cove, Middle River, Hopkins Creek, Norman Creek, Greyhound Cove, Sue Creek, Breezy Point Cove, Browns Cove, Muddy Gut, Lynch Point Cove, Greenhill Cove, Pleasure Island “The Cut”, Shallow Creek, North Point Creek, Jones Creek, Lynch Cove, Chink Creek, Tabasco Cove and Schoolhouse Cove

Aids to navigation buoys marking dredge channels are deployed on a seasonal basis in 17 County waterways. The Waterway Dredging Program has resulted in enhanced waterfront property value.

Dredging and Water Quality

Baltimore County has determined that water quality often improves in a dredged waterway due to the reduction of harmful prop dredging. Improvements can include:

  • Increased water quality
  • Increased water clarity
  • Increased growth density, growth area and species diversity of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV)
  • Increased SAV leads to improved water quality and aquatic habitat
  • Improved boater safety

Contact Information

Capital Program and Operations
Phone: 410-887-2904
Fax:  410-887-4804

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