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Reforestation for Your Property

As part of the Phase II Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan, the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) offers free reforestation projects to Baltimore County landowners. Baltimore County’s reforestation efforts include planting large canopy trees and giving oaks, and other late-successional canopy trees, preference to pioneer tree species. EPS does not plant ornamental or small understory trees.

Note: Please understand that this is a reforestation program. Our staff are not Maryland Licensed Professional Foresters and are not available to discuss or assess, the health or condition of existing woodland on your property, or to prescribe any silvicultural treatments for existing forested areas.

Reforestation Process

To qualify, a landowner or group of landowners need an acre or more of open space that is available for reforestation. If you qualify for reforestation:

  1. EPS staff will meet with you on your property at your convenience to discuss planting details.
  2. We will prepare a planting plan for your review.
  3. If you approve the plan, EPS will request cost proposals from our on-call reforestation contractors.
  4. The selected contractor will prepare the site as needed.
  5. The contractor will install trees and shelters to protect against deer damage.
  6. The contractor will maintain the trees for three years.

The warranty will assure that at least 90 percent of the trees survive each year for three years. Details of tree species and sizes, and the particular mowing or herbicide treatments for maintenance will be discussed prior to your sign-off on the project.

Reforestation Property Form

Please complete this form to the best of your ability in order to assist with follow-up by our staff and a site assessment, to see if you qualify for a reforestation project.

Fields marked with * are required.
Landowner Contact Information
Phone Number Type*
Property Address
Reforestation Area
Please describe the approximate size of the reforestation area in acres, approximate length by width in feet, or the number of trees (if each tree is about 20 feet away from existing trees or other trees to be planted).
Existing condition of area to be planted*
Does access to the potential reforestation area require crossing any stream or wetland?*
Are there any other barriers to accessing the reforestation area?*
How did you hear about our program?*
Revised March 26, 2021         


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