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Pet waste pollutes our yards, neighborhoods and waterways.

In your yard:

  • Dog waste is not fertilizer. It’s high in protein and is actually bad for your yard and plants.
  • Rain washes its harmful bacteria into streams—even when it’s left in your yard.

In your neighborhood:

  • Dog waste attracts rats.
  • There are 23 million harmful bacteria in every gram of pet waste, plus parasites like roundworm that can sicken children and pets.

In our waterways:

  • Pet waste is a major source of water pollution that can make swimmers, boaters and pets sick.
  • Dog waste has more bacteria than wildlife scat (like deer and geese) because dogs’ diets contain animal products that promote bacterial growth.

A Simple Solution

Follow these steps to be a protector, not a polluter:

  1. Plan

    Always take plastic bags with you.

  2. Pick Up

    Use the bags on your hand like a glove.

  3. Pitch It

    Properly dispose of the waste in a trash can. Never toss pet waste in a storm drain.

Complete the Pet Waste Pledge

Pet waste is a serious problem for our waterways, causing bacterial pollution that can sicken pets and people, especially children. Complete the pledge. 

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