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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

The County is taking a number of actions to keep residents safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Find status information for County operations and services.

Emergency Notification System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of Notifications will I receive?

A. Only public safety issues requiring immediate notification will be sent by the Emergency Notification System.

Q. Do you already have my phone number?

A. If you have traditional Verizon land line service, yes: We have both listed and unlisted, business and residential phone numbers within Baltimore County. However, if you would like to receive alerts by email, you must register your email address.

If you have digital, Internet phone service, or your telephone service is not through Verizon, you will need to register your information.

Q. Can I have multiple locations associated with my email address?

A. No. An email address can only be associated with one location.

Q. Can I have my phone number associated with multiple locations?

A. Yes. Your phone number can be associated with multiple locations.

Q. Is my number safe?

A. Yes. Your number is only used for emergency notifications, and is kept locally. We do not sell or distribute any of your information for any purpose not directly related to emergency notification.

Q. I have call screening and interception to discourage telemarketers. Will I get the message?

A. It depends. If your telephone system simply requires a valid caller ID, we will get through. Your caller ID will identify the phone call as coming from Baltimore County. However, if your telephone setup, blocks or intercepts a caller and waits until the call is accepted, the Emergency Notification System will not be able to get through. During a community disaster, please consider disabling such blocking.

Q. I live in a somewhat remote area and sometimes my location is hard to find. Will that impact the service?

A. Emergency Notifications is geographically based. Please consider using the Self Registration to show where your location really is. Note: Post Office Boxes will not work for the Emergency Notification System.

Q. Will my telephone get called if the power goes out?

A. If your telephone is “corded”, meaning a telephone powered by a phone line, yes. If you have a cordless phone, it will work as long as the base unit has battery or backup power. If you are you are using a cell phone, your cell tower may be affected.

Q. How do I change my information stored in the ENS?

A. Participants may return to the Self Registration page using a secure login to update their personal contact information as often as needed, to ensure data accuracy.

Revised August 24, 2016         


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