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Registered Voter Information Changes

There are procedures in place to make changes to your voter information.

County Residents

Make Changes to Your Voter Record Within Baltimore County

  1. Make a Written Request

    You can make a written request to change name, address or make corrections to your voter record. Include your full name and date of birth. If you are changing your address, state clearly your old address and your new address. Do not use a work address or P.O. box. 

  2. Sign Your Written Request

    Include your signature on the written request. Nothing can be processed without a signature.

  3. Mail Your Written Request

    Mail your signed written request to the Board of Elections:

    Baltimore County Board of Elections
    5 Crossing Way
    Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

Maryland Residents

Moving To or From Baltimore County 

If you are registered in Maryland, you may apply to the local Election Board using the Online Voter Registration System or by downloading a voter registration application. You may also fill out the back of your voter notification card and send it to the local board you are registering with. Remember to include your signature.

Moving to Another State

Maryland residents moving to another state will register as a new applicant in that state. To take yourself off of Maryland's records, fill out the back of your voter notification card or send us a signed request.

Change Party Affiliation

Changing party affiliation affects only the Primary Election. Only the Republican and Democratic Parties are running in the Primary. The Voter can vote for whoever they want in the General Election. Fax or mail a request in the form of a signed letter to the Baltimore County Board of Elections. Clearly state your present party and the party you wish to change to.

Request a New Voter Notification Card

You do not need a voter notification card to vote at the polls. It is not considered a form of ID. However, if you need a voter card to take a course or join a club, you may request a new voter notification card. Mail a signed written request to the Baltimore County Board of Elections. Include your full name, current address, date of birth and $1 for a processing fee. The processing fee may be in the form of a $1 bill.


Questions and answers for voter registration are subject to change by the Maryland State Board of Elections. Please refer to the State Boards information on how to register to vote for the latest changes and revisions.

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