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Contacting Family Division Offices

Self-Help Assistance

If you are seeking assistance with filing or answering a family law complaint, such as a complaint for divorce, custody, visitation or child support, you may get help at the Court's Self-Help Office, located on the first floor of the County Courts Building at 401 Bosley Avenue in Towson. This office will give basic information about family law cases and help you with filling out complaint forms.

Most family law forms are available from the Maryland Judiciary and at the Clerk's Office on the second floor of the County Courts Building. The Self-Help Office staff does not provide assistance over the phone. There is no charge for assistance and you do not have to make an appointment; it is first come, first served. Please note that this office, nor any office of the Court, can provide you with legal advice. To hear a recording of office hours, please call 410-887-3446.

Differentiated Case Management Office

If you wish to schedule or postpone a hearing or conference, or have a question regarding a case already scheduled for a hearing or conference, please call the Differentiated Case Management Office at 410-887-2509.


If you have a question regarding a mediation session or co-parenting class, please call the Office of Family Mediation at 410-887-6570.

Family Support Services

If you have a question regarding supervised visitation, monitored exchange, substance abuse screening, home studies, investigation or evaluation, please call the Family Support Services Office at 410-887-8614. If you have an issue with a bill you received for family services, please call 410-887-6578.

Clerk of the Court

If you need information on papers you filed, need to obtain records in your court case or want to find out about the cost of filing a complaint, please call the Clerk of the Court at 410-887-2614.

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