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Report an Issue to Property Management

Property Management maintains the grounds of County-owned buildings, parks and local open spaces. 

County School Grounds

Property Management works with Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) and the Bureau of Solid Waste to maintain school-recreation centers throughout the County. Review the maintenance responsibility list to determine which organization to contact to report an issue on BCPS grounds.

County-Owned Property

Before contacting Property Management to report an issue, determine if the property in question is private or County-owned by using the My Neighborhood app. Type the address of the property into the search bar and look at the "owner name" field. County-owned properties will have "Baltimore County Maryland" listed as the owner.

Types of Issues

Use the BaltCoGo app to report illegal dumping, debris or trash at a County-owned property.

Use the BaltCoGo app to report one of the following issues:

  • Damage to County-owned buildings, parks or grounds (graffiti, broken playground equipment, tire tracks or other damage to grass, etc.)
  • Fallen trees on County property—Submit this form only if the tree in question is on County property. Learn more about who to contact regarding trees on private property or near utility lines.
  • Unmowed grass—View the mowing locations and schedule for properties maintained by Property Management. Schedules may vary slightly with weather and other issues.
Revised February 10, 2021         


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