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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates
Watch the Recording of County Executive John A. Olszewski Jr. delivering the Proposed FY25 Budget Message

School Grounds Maintenance

Property Management works with the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) and the Bureau of Solid Waste to maintain school-recreation centers throughout the County. Each organization is responsible for specific maintenance functions for school grounds, recreation offices and activity rooms as noted below.

Contact Information

See the below contact information and table to learn which department should be contacted based on the location and type of issue being reported.

Area of ResponsibilityContact (Based on Location/School Type)

Ball Diamonds

  • Backstops
  • Hose bib outlets
  • Maintenance
  • Player benches
  • Supply ball diamond mix (dirt)
  • Elementary: Property Management
  • Middle/High: BCPS

Grass Fields

  • Elementary/Middle: Property Management
  • High: BCPS

Artificial Turf Fields

Property Management

Multi-Use Courts

  • Backboards
  • Basketball nets
  • Court lines
  • Fencing
  • Pole lighting
  • Resurface and rebuild
  • Rims
  • Elementary: Property Management
  • Middle/High: BCPS

Tennis Courts

  • Court lines
  • Fencing
  • Nets/net supports
  • Pole lighting
  • Resurface and rebuild
  • Elementary: Property Management
  • Middle/High: BCPS

Tennis Courts

  • Movement/placement
  • Repairs/materials

Property Management

Water Fountains

  • Attached to Buildings: BCPS
  • Not Attached to Buildings: Property Management


Contact Solid Waste for trash:

  • On playing fields
  • In/around barrels on courts and playgrounds

Contact BCPS for trash:

  • On school grounds
  • Affecting grass mowing

Playground Structures


Recreation Offices/Activity Rooms

  • Floors and ceilings
  • Self-contained HVAC systems
  • Windows, doors and locks

Property Management

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Contact Us

Property Management Division

12200 Long Green Pike
Glen Arm, Maryland 21057


Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Deborah Shindle