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False Alarm Fees

Every alarm user is allowed two free false alarms in a calendar year. The County will impose a false alarm fee if an alarm user has three or more false alarms in a calendar year. The false alarm response fee for alarm users begins at $70 for the third false alarm and will escalate to $700 per residential false alarm and $1,000 per commercial false alarm.

Fee Schedule

False Alarm Occurrence
(Per Calendar Year)

Fee Per Event


No fee


No fee























Fourteenth and above for residential


Fourteenth and above for commercial


Potential Fee Waiver: Certificate of Inspection Program

One false alarm fee will be waived if the Alarm System User has the system inspected by an alarm system contractor or alarm system monitor, and the contractor or monitor certifies that the alarm system has been inspected and is functioning properly. You may only take advantage of the Certificate of Inspection Program once per calendar year.

A false alarm fee may only be waived if the alarm system user has registered as required by law, and if the Alarm Company performing the inspection holds a valid license from the Maryland State Police and holds a valid permit from the Baltimore County Alarm Reduction Team.

Your Alarm Company should complete the Certificate of Inspection (PDF) after determining that the alarm system is in good operating condition and that the operators of the alarm system have been instructed in its proper use. The registered alarm system user must sign and date the Certificate of Inspection.

To have a fee waived you must return the completed Certificate of Inspection and your Alarm Registration History noting the false alarm fee to be waived.

Mail both items to:      

Baltimore County Alarm Reduction Team
400 Washington Avenue, Room 149
Towson, Maryland 21204-4665

Revised December 31, 2018         


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