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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates

An alarm system user who has received a false alarm warning or been assessed a fee for a false alarm may appeal the violation, in writing, to the Alarm Reduction Team within 90 days of notification of a warning letter or fee assessment.

You must include your registration number, the invoice number that you are appealing and documentation to support your appeal. Your appeal should provide evidence of criminal activity, property damage or a medical emergency that would justify a police response. More than 98 percent of all alarm activations are false alarms, and do not require a police response.

Appeals Restrictions

Appeals will not be granted for false alarms that are the result of, but not limited to:

  • Your alarm company failing to properly install, monitor or service your alarm system
    • Faulty, defective or malfunctioning equipment supplied by the alarm business
    • Improper installation, maintenance or monitoring
    • False alarms that occur while alarm technicians are repairing or servicing the alarm system
  • Devices that activate for any reason other than documented criminal activity, property damage or a medical emergency
    • Items within the home or business that move and cause motion detectors to activate. For example: curtains, signs, balloons, animals, etc.
    • Glass-break detectors that activate due to noises and sounds other than actual glass breakage
    • Doors or windows that become loose and cause a break in the contacts and activate the alarm
  • Human error
    • Caretakers, friends or relatives who watch homes or businesses when owners are away
    • Mistakes made by private contractors, maids, cleaning crews, etc.
    • Operator error
    • Cancellations that are received after the police officers arrived on site

This list is intended as a guide to assist you in deciding whether to appeal a false alarm or contact your alarm company for discussion. This list is not intended to cover every situation where an appeal will be denied.

Submit Your Appeal

All appeals, supporting documentation and correspondence must be submitted to the Alarm Reduction Team. Appeals cannot be initiated by phone.

By Mail

Mail your appeal to:

Baltimore County Alarm Reduction Team
400 Washington Avenue, Room 149
Towson, Maryland 21204-4665

By Email

Email the Alarm Reduction Team at


If you do not receive a written response within 30 days, you should assume your appeal was not received and contact the Alarm Reduction Team at

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