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False Alarm Administrative Obligations

Alarm Users

Generally, a home owner or business employs the services of a specialized business acting as an alarm system monitor. That company has the responsibility of communicating with the 911 Communication Center in the event of an emergency.

Alarm users, whether residential or non-residential, have an obligation to be sure that their monitoring company has registered their alarm system with the County. The user should contact their monitoring company to be certain that the registration has been filed. Additionally, a user may call the Alarm Reduction Team to verify registration. Should you choose, you can register your alarm system online or obtain a registration application by contacting the Alarm Reduction Team.

Return the completed document to:

Alarm Reduction Team
400 Washington Avenue, Room 149
Towson, Maryland 21204

No fee is required for registration.

Consequences of Failing to Register

If a user chooses to act as their own monitor and fails to register the alarm system with the County, the user is subject to a $500 civil citation each time police personnel are dispatched to the system’s location for a false alarm. Accordingly, it benefits an alarm system user to register their system promptly. Proper registration of alarm systems allows the Alarm Reduction Section to maintain accurate information and enhances public safety.

Alarm Businesses

To ensure compliance with state and local laws, prior to operating as an alarm business in Baltimore County, each alarm system contractor and monitor must obtain a Baltimore County Alarm System Contractor or Monitor Permit. Email the Alarm Reduction Team at to request an Alarm Company Permit Application Package.

Return the completed application along with a $125 check or money order to:

Alarm Reduction Team
400 Washington Avenue, Room 149
Towson, Maryland 21204

If a business seeking a permit includes a copy of their Baltimore County Electrical License with their application, the fee will be waived.

Consequences of Failing to Secure a Permit

Alarm businesses that fail to secure a permit are subject to a fine of up to $1,000 each time police personnel are dispatched to a false alarm occurring at one of the company’s customer’s locations. Consequently, it benefits a company to file a timely application to obtain a permit.

Alarm Monitors

Alarm system monitors are required to register each of its alarm system customers with the Alarm Reduction Team before the alarm system user's alarm system causes contact with police personnel or results in a police response to the alarm system user's property. Register an alarm system customer online or verify customer registration. If online registration isn’t feasible, you may request paper forms by emailing the Alarm Reduction Team at

Submit the application to:

Alarm Reduction Team
400 Washington Avenue, Room 149
Towson, Maryland 21204

No fee is required when registering a system user.

Consequences of Failing to Register

If police personnel are dispatched to an unregistered alarm user location, the monitor is subject to a fine not to exceed $1,000. Therefore, a monitor should ensure that a customer’s registration is filed on a timely basis.

Revised November 26, 2018         


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