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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates

The False Alarm Reduction area is eliminating paper transactions. At this time, all new and preexisting users, including all alarm companies, must enter applications and any corrections online. Please make sure that all fields are filled in correctly.

The Alarm Reduction Team reduces the number of false alarms throughout Baltimore County and informs the public of the negative impact false alarm activations have on public safety. These efforts, along with those of the County Police Department and our citizens, have resulted in a significant reduction in the number of false alarms. Reducing the number of false alarms allows our police officers more time to fight crime and keep our citizens safe.

What is a False Alarm?

Baltimore County Code, 2003, Article 13, Title 11, Subtitle 2, defines a "false alarm" as any alarm that is electronically programmed to summon police personnel or that results in a police response to the alarm system user’s property and for which there is no evidence found, after reasonable investigation, of criminal activity, property damage or medical emergency which would justify a police response. With the exception of a landlord whose rental agreement includes an alarm system, false alarm fees relate only to the alarm system user.

What is a Burglary or Robbery Alarm System?

An “alarm system” is defined in the Baltimore County Code as a device or series of devices that emits, transmits or relays either an:

  • Audible, visual or electronic alarm signal which is electronically programmed to cause contact with police personnel
  • Audible or visual alarm signal which results in a police response at the alarm system user’s property when activated

Medical emergency alarm systems and fire alarm systems are not regulated by the Alarm Reduction Team. Consequently, information presented on this page relates exclusively to burglary and robbery alarm systems.

Obtain an Alarm Business Permit

All alarm businesses must be permitted.

There are very serious penalties for failing to secure a permit before selling, installing, monitoring and servicing alarm systems. Failure to secure the required permit may subject your company to a $1,000 Civil Citation for each violation of the Baltimore County Code.

Email the Alarm Reduction Team at to request an Alarm Company Permit Application Package.

Register an Alarm

All burglary and robbery alarm systems must be registered. There is no fee to register an alarm system. There are significant civil penalties for failing to register.

Before registering, review the following:

Alarm System Users

Register your alarm system, update your registration, review your history, change your password, and find False Alarm Prevention Tips.

Alarm System Companies

Register your customers’ alarm systems, research your customers’ registration status, prepare reports, change your password, and much more.

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