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Court-Appointed Guardianship

When a Baltimore County resident 65 or older becomes unable to make decisions about his or her care or personal affairs due to a disabling condition, the Court can be petitioned to appoint a Guardian of Person or Property to make decisions for the individual. The Court holds a hearing to determine the facts in the situation, and appoints a guardian only if there are no other arrangements necessary to keep that person safe. The video and forms for filing a guardianship can be obtained from Maryland Courts; however, due to the complexity of the court process and specific timelines involved, it is highly recommended that individuals who are seeking to obtain guardianship orders consult with an elder law attorney.

The Court will generally appoint family or friends if they are willing to assume this decision-making responsibility. When family or friends cannot be appointed, as a last resort, the Court can appoint the Director of the Department of Aging as the Guardian of Person. The Guardianship Program staff, on behalf of the Director, provide case management services to the individual and make all non-financial decisions relating to the person's care and living arrangements as ordered by the Court.

Revised June 28, 2021         


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