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Internship Opportunities with BCDA

The Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) offers many opportunities to students looking for rewarding and beneficial internship opportunities. We are pleased that you are considering BCDA for this important component of your academic career. Our mission of “strengthening lives by connecting individuals to community resources, programs and services,” is best achieved by pairing employees with interns passionate about serving senior citizens and their caregivers. The BCDA internship program creates a unique opportunity for students to gain practical experience serving older adults, while learning more about the operations of an Area Agency on Aging, the aging process and resources available to the community.

BCDA Internship Process

All interns should:

Upon receipt of internship applications from the Office of Human Resources, BCDA staff will:

  • Review internship applications, consider the fit with the Agency and the interests of the individuals and select candidates to interview.
  • Conduct interviews with candidates and determine the best placements based on the number of internship positions available and the intern’s interests.
  • Work with the prospective intern and the Office of Human Resources to arrange required screenings and a start date. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified at this time. 

During the intern's placement, BCDA staff will:

  • Provide selected intern with an orientation to BCDA at the start of their internship assignment. All interns will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (PDF).
  • Make periodic checks with the supervisor and intern to ensure school requirements are being met and the intern has all necessary resources for an enjoyable and growth oriented experience with the Agency. 
  • Conduct a personal exit interview with each intern prior to the conclusion of his or her internship.
  • Send a survey to each respective school or university following internship completion for their comment and feedback regarding the internship experience.

Why Intern with BCDA?

Direct Exposure to an Older Adult Population

In most placements, interns will be working one-on-one with older adults and, if applicable, their caregivers. This allows them to gain a broader understanding of the issues facing older adults, as well as their interests and abilities. Our programs and services serve a range of abilities from very active and independent to frail, cognitively impaired and homebound.


Interns are encouraged to participate in BCDA-sponsored professional development activities including conferences, workshops, webinars and lunch and learn sessions. There may be a cost for some of these activities, which may be borne by the intern.

Internships working with older adults can be a great opportunity to find your future career niche. For inspiration, listen to a group of young professionals discuss this topic.

Revised February 6, 2020         


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