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OPAL Center: Online Programs for Adult Learning

OPAL Center LogoBaltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) is excited to open our 21st senior center, the OPAL Center! OPAL stands for Online Programs for Adult Learning. There are no doors or walls at this virtual senior center; OPAL combines all the wonderful hybrid classes and online programs offered by our senior centers, along with a variety of interesting classes provided by our partners.

Upcoming Programs and Classes

A full listing of OPAL programs can be found in the center section of any senior center newsletter or view the full calendar of one-day events.

For questions regarding programs and registration, call 410-887-3654 or email Kathleen Young at

How to Participate

To participate in OPAL's programs, you will need to access to the OPAL Center's Google Document. If you are not familiar with a Google Doc, it is a chart that lists all of the classes and programs offered, along with the Zoom or Webex link for each program or class. If you need the Google Doc link, email and include your name, date of birth and which senior centers you are a member of, if any. 

Register for Classes

Use the registration form below to register for upcoming evidence-based and virtual classes through the OPAL Center. If the class has a required fee, registration is not complete until payment has been received. Mail payment or donations payable to Baltimore County, MD to:

Kathleen Young, Programming Manager
611 Central Avenue, Room 326
Towson, Maryland 21204

Watch the "Evidence of Health" video to learn more about our evidence-based programs.

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BCDA has partnered with GetSetUp to provide the County's older adults with a wide array of free classes and programs as long as you use the coupon code: Baltimore. You will need to create an account and password to get started. With GetSetUp, there are 350 classes, 350 new things to learn, 350 skills to unlock and thousands of different opportunities to make new friends. GetSetUp helps you live better, longer. Access to GetSetUp is funded through a grant from the Maryland Department of Aging.

Some of the most well-attended classes include:

  • Tai Chi
  • Morning Fitness
  • Mindful Chair Yoga
  • Line Dance
  • Heart Healthy Cooking
  • Brain Fitness with Games

In addition, GetSetUp offers technology classes to teach you more about using devices, cloud services, Zoom and Google docs. There are also many expert speakers on a variety of topics each day. We recommend you get started with the new member orientation and take a tour of the website and class offerings. You can easily view the class schedule up to two weeks in advance. If you frequently participate in BCDA's online programs, you will be amazed at the additional programs you now have access to!

Carol N. says, "I can't tell you how much I love GetSetUp! I have learned so much about Google, Google Apps, streaming, sharing and email, Windows, Android techniques, and more. I am loving the urban line dance class and cooking class in Spanish. Because I have comorbidities, I don't go out during COVID, and these classes are a life saver. My mind is kept active; I sometimes take four classes a day.

"Because I feel accomplished, my serotonin levels increase and my mood is lifted. The computer courses have proved invaluable, because I don't see these classes being taught for adult beginners anywhere else in such a pleasing, well-organized manner. The teachers are extremely good and know how to convey these hard concepts to adult learners.

"I also have to mention that I am enjoying the social aspect of some of the classes, which is also very important for mood and staving off dementia. I find keeping my mind and body active has enhanced my quality of life and ability to focus on mental tasks. Thank you for providing us free access to GetSetUp!"

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