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Department of Aging Overview

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Senior Centers

The Baltimore County Department of Aging does not require our members, staff, volunteers and visitors to wear masks while in our senior centers or keep a six-foot distance from others. While mask-wearing will be a matter of individual choice, we strongly encourage members who are not yet vaccinated to please continue to wear a mask while in the centers, and to sign up for a vaccine appointment on the MarylandVax website.

The centers are pleased to continue offering online classes and programming for older adults. If you need food or other essentials, call the Maryland Access Point hotline at 410-887-2594 or email

Learn More About Department of Aging Services

The Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) has a lot to offer Baltimore County seniors and their families. Learn more about our programs and services by watching a video that will help you energize your life. You can also find out more about BCDA in our photo-filled Annual Report (PDF).

Join No Senior Eats Alone Day: September 23 

The Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) is inviting everyone to participate in No Senior Eats Alone Day on Thursday, September 23rd. Our goal is to help make the older adults in our community feel valued and connected! Help make a difference—one person at a time—for the over 200,000 adults over the age of 60 in Baltimore County. Learn more about where you can celebrate the day throughout the region and/or how your organization can register.

Age and Dementia Friendly Baltimore County 

The Age-Friendly and Dementia Friendly initiatives have aligned their efforts to ensure that persons of all ages, cultures, abilities and interests can access the resources they need to create the life they choose.

Area Plan

In accordance with the federal Older Americans Act, every four years BCDA is required to develop and implement an Area Plan on Aging to provide a framework related to programs, activities and services for the older adults of Baltimore County. The full narrative of BCDA’s current four-year Area Plan on Aging (PDF) is available for your review. You may also review the State Plan on Aging (PDF), developed by the Maryland Department of Aging. For more information, email

Frequently Requested Services

  • Information and Assistance
    Learn more about how Maryland Access Point (MAP) of Baltimore County can assist you in finding resources for seniors and adults with disabilities.
  • Housing Options
    Find information about nursing homes, assisted living facilities or other housing options.
  • Senior Centers
    Learn about programs and activities at Baltimore County Senior Centers.
  • Transportation
    CountyRide provides transportation to Baltimore County residents 60 years of age and over, disabled residents aged 21 through 59 and persons of all ages living in the rural area.
  • Benefits
    Learn about financial benefits that you might be eligible for.
  • Volunteer
    Search for volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests.
  • Nutrition Programs
    Learn more about the Eating Together program.
  • Internships
    Learn more about available student internship positions at the Department of Aging.
  • Travel Opportunities
    Check the travel calendar for a list of upcoming travel opportunities.
  • Caregivers Information
    The Caregivers Program offers a variety of resources to help family caregivers to provide good care for older relatives.
  • E-Newsletters
    Sign-up to receive informative e-newsletters such as Caregiver Connection.

Contact Us

For information or comments, contact the Department of Aging or call 410-887-2594.

Mission Statement

The Baltimore County Department of Aging strengthens lives by providing services, programs and connections to resources.

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