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Approved Bills - 2024 Session

The following links are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Bill 1-24    Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted in the Business, Major (B.M.) and Manufacturing, Light (M.L.)  Zones – Residential Uses in Hunt Valley    

Bill 2-24    Zoning Regulations – Live Musical Entertainment – M.H. Zone  

Bill 4-24    Zoning Regulations – Signs – Portable Signs

Bill 5-24    Zoning Regulations – Capping Residential Growth in Greenleigh

Bill 6-24    Maryland Model Floodplain Ordinance – Conforming Legislation

Bill 8-24    Zoning Regs. – Multifamily (Two-Over-Two Condominium Townhome) Units

Bill 9-24    Mixed-Use Overlay District  

Bill 10-24    Zoning Regs. – Application of the R.C.7 Zone to R.C.2 Zoned Property

Bill 11-24    Zoning Regs. – Neighborhood Commons (N.C.) District – Floodplains

Bill 12-24    Property Tax Credits – Disabled Law Enforcement Officers 

Bill 13-24    Zoning Regs. – Swim School and Learning Center

Bill 14-24    Zoning Regulations – Uses Permitted – C.B. Zone – Fraternal Organizations

Bill 16-24    CEB – State SRO Adequate Coverage Grant  

Bill 17-24    2024 Basic Services Maps

Bill 19-24    Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance of Baltimore County

Bill 20-24    Property Tax

Bill 21-24    Personnel Law of Baltimore County 

Bill 22-24    Refuse Disposal Borrowing Ordinance  

Bill 23-24    Community College Borrowing Ordinance

Bill 24-24    Public Works Borrowing Ordinance 

Bill 25-24    Parks, Preservation and Greenways Borrowing Ordinance

Bill 26-24    School Borrowing Ordinance

Bill 27-24    Agricultural and Rural Land Preservation Borrowing Ordinance  

Bill 28-24    Community Improvement Project Borrowing Ordinance

Bill 29-24    Waterway Improvement Program Borrowing Ordinance

Bill 30-24    Operational Buildings Borrowing Ordinance

Bill 32-24    Zoning Regs. – R.A.E. 1 Zone – Location Requirement Relative to Business Zones 

Bill 33-24    County Charter – Baltimore County Planning Board – Confirmation of Appointees by County Council 

Bill 34-24    Loitering on or About Commercial Premises  

Revised May 23, 2024

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