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Approved Bills - 2023 Session

The following links are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Bill 1-23    Bring Your Own Bag Act

Bill 3-23    CEB – Good Jobs Challenge – Maryland Works for Wind

Bill 4-23    Housing Opportunities Fund

Bill 5-23    Vacant Structures

Bill 6-23  Zoning Regulations – Minimum Width (Modernizing Townhome Construction Act)

Bill 7-23    Zoning Regulations – Accessory Apartments

Bill 8-23    Executive Compensation Plan for Employees in the Exempt Service

Bill 9-23    Zoning Regulations – Uses Permitted in the Manufacturing, Light (M.L.) Zone – Veterinarian’s Office in a Planned Industrial Park

Bill 10-23    Zoning Regulations – Uses Permitted in the R.C. 2 Zone – Catering Halls Converted from Dwellings

Bill 11-23    Zoning Regulations – Honeygo Overlay District

Bill 12-23    CEB – Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant

Bill 14-23    CEB – Special Detail Reimbursement

Bill 15-23     Zoning Regulations – Medical Clinic and Medical Office Uses in the Business Local, Restricted (B.L.R.) Zone

Bill 16-23    CEB – Continuum of Care-Planning – McKinney Emergency Shelter Grants

Bill 17-23    CEB – Homeless Solutions Program – HSP (State DHCD)

Bill 18-23   Rental Housing Licenses

Bill 19-23     2023 Basic Services Maps    Exhibits  

Bill 20-23    Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted in the R.C.2 Zone-Catering Halls Converted from Dwellings

Bill 21-23    Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted in the R-O-A Zone – Interior Design Studio with Retail Sales as an Accessory Use to Office Use

Bill 22-23    Zoning Regs. – Signs – Joint Identification Signs on a Wall-Mounted Canopy

Bill 23-23    Planned Unit Developments – Revocation of Resolution Approving Continued Review

Bill 26-23     Development Vesting

Bill 27-23    Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance of Baltimore County

Bill 28-23    Property Tax

Bill 29-23    Personnel Law of Baltimore County

Bill 30-23    Ethics Commission

Bill 31-23    Government Reorganization – Division of Sustainability

Bill 32-23    Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Bill 33-23    CEB – DHCD Strategic Demolition Grant – DEWD

Bill 34-23    Employees’ Retirement System

Bill 35-23    CEB – Emergency Rental Assistance Program 2

Bill 36-23   Cannabis Facilities 

Bill 37-23    Board Compensation

Bill 38-23    Classification and Compensation Plans - Rules and Regulations

Bill 39-23    Personnel Law of Baltimore County

Bill 40-23   West Baltimore County Redevelopment Authority

Bill 41-23    Volunteer Fire Length of Service and Award Program-Minimum Benefit Payments

Bill 42-23   DPW&T – Monthly Report to County Council on Traffic Projects

Bill 43-23   The Fire Prevention Code of Baltimore County

Bill 44-23    CEB – Federal Assistance to Fire Fighter Grant

Bill 45-23    “Limited Emergency” Donations

Bill 46-23    Animal Welfare – Picking Up Stray Animals

Bill 47-23    Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted in the R.C. 6 Zone-Group Child-Care Centers

Bill 48-23    Parking Along the Big Gunpowder Falls

Bill 50-23    CEB – Fire Prevention & Safety Grant

Bill 51-23    CEB – MSAC ARGOS Grant

Bill 52-23    Zoning Regs.-Uses Permitted in the Manufacturing, Light (M.L.) Zone Repealing Residential Uses on Adjacent Tracts

Bill 55-23    CEB – NRPA Youth Mentoring Grant

Bill 56-23    CEB – Cracking Down on Auto Theft

Bill 57-23    CEB – HIV Prevention Services

Bill 58-23    CEB – Sexually Transmitted Disease

Bill 59-23    CEB – Ryan White Part B Supplemental

Bill 60-23    CEB – Senior Care Waitlist

Bill 61-23    CEB – Senior Rides Program

Bill 62-23    Zoning Regulations – Signs – Roof Signs on a Lean-to Roof

Bill 64-23    Zoning Regulations – School-Related Uses in the R.C.2 Zone

Bill 65-23    Zoning Regulations – Uses Permitted – C.B. Zone

Bill 66-23    Zoning Regulations – Changeable Copy Signs

Bill 67-23    Flood Insurance Rate Maps – Conforming Legislation

Bill 68-23    CEB – OAA American Rescue Plan

Bill 69-23    Building Improvement Loan Fund

Bill 70-23    Human Relations Prohibition Practices and Human Relations Commission Procedures

Bill 72-23    Bring Your Own Bag Act – Paper Carryout Bag Definition

Bill 73-23    Bring Your Own Bag Act – Liquor Store Exemption

Bill 74-23    Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted – Manufacturing, Light (M.L.) Zone and Manufacturing, Heavy (M.H.) Zone

Bill 76-23    Parking Along the Big Gunpowder Falls

Bill 77-23    CEB – Assistance to Firefighters

Bill 78-23    Semi-Public Swimming Pools

Bill 79-23    Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted – C.B. Zone – Community Building

Bill 80-23    Zoning Regs. – Community Building Use in the B.L. Zone

Bill 81-23    Demolition of Unsafe Structures

Bill 82-23    Speed Monitoring Systems – School Zone Definition

Bill 83-23    County Charter – Office of the Inspector General

Bill 84-23    Office of the Inspector General

Bill 85-23    Development – Public Hearing on a Variance, Special Hearing, or Special Exemption – Posting Notice of Hearing

Bill 86-23    Restrictions on Parking – Parking on Private Property – Parking Surface

Bill 87-23    Rental Housing Licenses – Notification of Occupancy

Bill 88-23    Zoning Regs.-Uses Permitted in the R.C. 50 Zone – Plastics Recycling Facility

Bill 90-23    CEB – Access to Justice Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Bill 91-23    CEB – Sexual Assault Kit Testing

Bill 92-23    Personnel Law of Baltimore County

Bill 93-23    Bond Ordinance

Bill 94-23    The Plumbing and Gasfitting Code of Baltimore County

Bill 95-23     Development Management

Bill 96-23     Development Management

Bill 97-23     Development Management

Bill 98-23    Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted – D.R. 5.5 Zone – Central Community Hub

Bill 99-23     Zoning Regs. – Uses Permitted – R.C. 2 Zone – Water Treatment and Plumbing Services Shop

Bill 100-23    Local Supplement to Homeowners’ Tax Credit

Bill 101-23    CEB – NPS Bi-Lingual Park Ranger Grant

Bill 102-23    Zoning Regulations – Off-Street Parking Requirements

Bill 103-23    Temporary Storage Units in Residential Zones

Revised January 17, 2024

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