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2020 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP) Lobbying Registration

Article 7 of the County Code contains statutes related to Public Ethics and Open Government, including required lobbyist disclosures.  In particular, § 7-1-502 of the Code sets forth the general requirements of lobbying registration with the Ethics Commission.

As related to the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP), subsection (b) states that “A person who engages in lobbying, including making public appearances, for the purpose of influencing the comprehensive zoning map process is not required to file a lobbying registration (with the Ethics Commission) provided the person:  (i) Does not expend money on a public official for meals, beverages, special events, or gifts; and (ii) Registers with the Secretary to the County Council.”  This subsection also requires that the registration filed with the Secretary to the County Council be posted on the Council website.

Below is a link to the registrations received to date by the Secretary for the 2020 CZMP.  This link will be updated on a monthly basis as additional registration submissions are received.

 Lobbying Registrations


Revised September 15, 2020

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