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Inclement Weather Policy

In the interest of the welfare and safety of its employees, the County may curtail some operations because of bad weather. If so, employees may be dismissed from work early or, under severe conditions, may be excused for an entire day's work with no deduction from pay or accrued leave.

If the employee's job is in one of the vital services or if the employee's agency especially needs the employee during bad weather conditions, the employee may be designated as emergency or essential and asked to stay on the job or report to work while other fellow workers are excused. The employee will be informed if he or she is designated as 'emergency or essential'. The designation of 'emergency or essential' is not grievable by the employees so designated.

The authority to close any or all general County government buildings, offices or other type of facilities, or to temporarily modify any county service or function because of adverse weather conditions or other emergencies shall be with the County Administrative Officer. The Administrative Officer will implement one of the following operational plans:

Operational Plan I 

Offices open—liberal leave policy in effect for personnel not designated as 'emergency/essential.' Employees will be allowed to remain home, report late or leave work early, whichever is applicable, without exposure to supervisory denial except when minimal staffing requirements must be maintained. Personnel in 'emergency or essential' positions report to or remain at work as scheduled or as otherwise specifically directed.

Non-emergency or non-essential employees will be allowed to charge time used for late arrival, early departure or absence to Vacation leave (V), Personal leave (L), Compensatory leave (C), or Permission with no pay leave (Z).

Operational Plan II 

Offices closed for normal business, delayed opening or early departure. Personnel in "emergency or essential" positions report to or remain at work as scheduled or as otherwise specifically directed.

Closing Announcements

Official information regarding the implementation of Operational Plan I or II will be posted on the County’s website at and on the County’s Twitter emergency site @BACOemergency

The following media outlets also report on closings and late openings, but this information is unofficial and employees should confirm information via the official methods listed above. Listen to announcements carefully to be certain that they specify "Baltimore County General Government non-essential employees."


  • WBAL 1090 AM 
  • WLIF 102 FM
  • WPOC 93.1 FM
  • MIX 106.5


  • WBAL Channel 11 
  • WMAR Channel 2
  • WJZ Channel 13
  • WBFF Channel 45


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