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Requesting Fire Department Records

Public Records Kept by Baltimore County Fire Department

The Fire Department is the custodian of the following public records:

  • fire incident reports (Medical/EMS records are not public documents.)
  • hazardous materials incident reports and
  • annual fire safety inspection reports for all business properties within Baltimore County.

Documents regarding storage of various federally mandated chemicals and hazardous materials are maintained by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

To request a public record other than a fire incident report, email
To request fire incident reports or patient care reports, see below.

Obtaining a Fire Incident Report

A fire incident report is generated by the Fire Department each time a piece of fire apparatus is dispatched to assist with a fire, hazardous materials incident, rescue or other dangerous situation. Fire incident reports are public records, available upon request to anyone.

  • There is a $15 fee to obtain a copy of a fire incident report.
  • Please note: the fee has changed. Effective February 1, 2015, all requests received with the incorrect fee will be returned.

To request a copy of a fire incident report, print the fire incident report form (PDF) and carefully follow the printed instructions, including the instructions for returning it by mail.

Obtaining Patient Care Reports

A patient care report is generated whenever the Fire Department assists a sick or injured person. These reports contain confidential medical information and are not part of the public record. 

Copies of patient care records are available to our patients, their representatives and others as specified by Maryland Public General code. (Health-General, Title 4. Statistics And Records, Subtitle 3. "Confidentiality Of Medical Records" )

The Fire Department's policies and procedures for the release of patient care reports comply with restrictions specified under state law. At the same time, the Fire Department strives to make the process of obtaining copies of records as easy as possible for those seeking them. However, to allow for processing time, no walk-in requests will be accepted.

  • There is a $15 fee to perform a record search and, if located, obtain a copy of a patient care report. No refunds will be issued.
  • Please note: the fee has changed. Effective February 1, 2015, all requests received with the incorrect fee will be returned.

Please select from the following list to obtain a patient care report.

If you are not able to find a link above that meets your needs, email the Records Office, or call 410-887-2071, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Maryland law requires that we respond to your request within 20 working days. The Fire Department makes every effort to respond to requests as quickly as possible.

Ambulance Billing

Baltimore County began billing private insurers, Medicaid and Medicare for ambulance transport costs on September 1. County residents will not be personally responsible for these costs and should not receive a bill. For billing questions, call Med3000's customer service at 1-866-366-3626.  Attorneys only may email requests for bills to or fax requests to 1-937-291-0236.

Revised August 25, 2016         


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