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Free Concerts in Catonsville
Apr 23, 2014
smARTS feature Free Concerts in Catonsville.
Contemporary Art at the Goucher Galleries
Apr 23, 2014
smARTS features Contemporary Art at the Goucher galleries.
Baltimore County's Lit Scene
Apr 23, 2014
smARTS features Baltimore County's Lit Scene.
Audition Tips for Singers
Apr 23, 2014
smARTS features Audition Tips for singers.
Bringing the Arts to Young Audiences
Apr 23, 2014
smARTS features Bringing the Arts to Young Audiences.
Our Libraries Through the Years
Mar 27, 2014
Hear about how the County's public libraries have evolved during BCPL Director Jim Fish's 18-year tenure
Recycling Revenues
Mar 27, 2014
Hear how the new recycling facility is making tons of money for the County, and residents are recycling record amounts.
Code Inspectors Go Mobile
Mar 27, 2014
Find out how you can now submit and track code violations online.
Police Report - Pedestrian Safety 2014
Mar 26, 2014
Pedestrian Safety - Laws and Rules of the Road features tips for staying safe.
Post 9/11 Security
Mar 4, 2014
Baltimore County's Homeland Security Director discusses local and regional efforts to protect citizens from man-made and natural disasters.
Budget Priorities
Mar 4, 2014
County Executive Kevin Kamenetz shares his top priorities for the upcoming County budget and state budget deliberations in Annapolis.
Underage Drinking
Mar 4, 2014
Baltimore County's Liquor Board Administrator and a the owner of a local pub talk about collaborative efforts to prevent sales to minors.
Community Resources 2014, A Regional Directory
Feb 27, 2014
Debbie Orlove, Community Business Liaison, Baltimore County Department of Aging
Maryland Access Point (MAP)
Feb 27, 2014
Baltimore County Government: Keeping You in the Know With Social Media
Feb 27, 2014
An interview with Ellen Kobler, Baltimore County Office of Communications: Keeping You in the Know With Social Media
Senior Center Travel, Box Office and Senior Center Events - March and April
Feb 27, 2014
Debbie Orlove, Community Business Liaison previews upcoming events.
Police Recruitment
Feb 11, 2014
How to become a member of the Baltimore County Police Department.
Human Trafficking
Feb 11, 2014
A discussion about the Araminta Freedom Initiative against Human Trafficking.
Winter Storm Operations
Feb 5, 2014
Get an insider's look at snow removal operations from the Bureau of Highways.
Black History Month
Feb 5, 2014
Learn from local historian Louis Diggs about Baltimore County's African-American Civil War soldiers.
County Targets Cell Phone Theft
Feb 5, 2014
Police Chief James Johnson explains the County's proposed legislation to reduce the theft of cell phones and other portable electronics.
Stay Off the Ice
Feb 5, 2014
Incidents, Fires, Rescues
Feb 5, 2014
A look at fires and other situations that occurred over the last two months.
Retirees - February and March
Feb 5, 2014
A salute to those who recently retired from the Fire Service.
Calendar of Events - February and March
Feb 5, 2014
We present some of the events that will take place in February and March at our Volunteer Fire Stations.
Everyday Heroes - February and March
Feb 5, 2014
A look at some of the Everyday heroes that provide safety and comfort to those in the County.
Cold Weather Interview
Feb 5, 2014
The training that goes into cold weather rescues and what special precautions that should be taken when going on a trip.
BCDA's 2014 Initiative – Be Mobile, Drive Safe
Jan 9, 2014
Reminders and tips for getting around safely.
Walking Towards Pedestrian Safety
Jan 9, 2014
A discussion about walking safely; Jennifer L. Utz, Battalion Chief Baltimore County Fire Department and Lieutenant Stephen Troutman, Baltimore County Police Department.
Safety on the Road With AARP
Jan 9, 2014
Ted Peterkin, AARP Driver Safety State Coordinator, Department of Aging
Senior Center Travel, Box Office and Senior Center Events - January and February
Jan 9, 2014
Debbie Orlove, Community Business Liaison, Department of Aging
"Take a Leap"
Jan 2, 2014
"Take a Leap" and discover the new Baltimore County Dance Celebration.
Dance: "The Jungle Book"
Jan 2, 2014
Head to another place with a modern dance performance of "The Jungle Book."
Dance Helps Students Learn, Move, Have Fun
Jan 2, 2014
Learn how dance helps students learn better, move better, and have more fun.
Ragtime Dances
Jan 2, 2014
Get up and dance to the rhythms of ragtime with AKIMBO: Uncoiled.
Elementary School Dancers
Jan 2, 2014
Ballroom dancing starts young with fifth graders from Pleasant Plaines Elementary School.
Get Smarter: Ballet Dancer Stand on Her Toes
Jan 2, 2014
Learn how a ballet dancer stands on her toes.
College for Free
Jan 2, 2014
BCPS Superintendent Dr. S. Dallas Dance and CCBC President Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis explain this new program for high school students.
Historic Districts Around the County
Jan 2, 2014
One of Baltimore County's historians talks about some interesting areas of the County.
Forensic Artistry
Dec 9, 2013
Forensic Artistry with Detective Evelyn Grant
Interview With Steven Welzant
Dec 2, 2013
In interview with Emergency Management Specialist, Steven Welzant talks about being prepared in an emergency.
New Police Cruisers
Dec 2, 2013
Lieutenant Rob McCullough talks with Colonel Pete Evans about the "Ford Interceptors," featuring new technology and gas economy.
Domestic Violence
Dec 2, 2013
Lieutenant Rob McCullough discusses Domestic Violence with domestic violence coordinator, Officer Misty Huber.
Winter Crime Prevention/Safety Tips
Nov 7, 2013
Winter weather crime prevention and personal safety tips with Detective Carl Lindhorst.
The Facts About Medicare Part D
Oct 31, 2013
Learn the 'Facts About Medicare Part D' with Sherry Kolb, SHIP/SMP Manager in the Department of Aging.
Amazing Classes and Programs
Oct 31, 2013
Find out what programs Baltimore County Senior Centers are offering. Lisa J. Kennedy and Betty Flaherty
Vocal Gymnastics
Sep 4, 2013
Tom Hall, music director of the Baltimore Choral Arts Society, talks about voice as a musical instrument.
Jazz Master
Sep 4, 2013
Saxophonist, composer and teacher Carl Grubbs recalls visits with John Coltrane, plus a special smARTS jazz performance.
At the Ballet
Sep 4, 2013
Students from the Baltimore County Youth Ballet share how dance helps them in school and in life.
Buying Original Artwork
Sep 4, 2013
Love to own or give an original a piece of art, but don’t know where to begin? Brian Truax from Towson Arts Collective shares tips.
Sweet Harmony
Sep 4, 2013
The 3 Wise Men quartet demonstrates barbershop harmony.
Discover the Power of Age
Sep 3, 2013
Presented at Baby Boomer/Senior EXPO by Joanne E. Williams, Director, Baltimore County Department of Aging
Precinct 9/White Marsh
Aug 1, 2013
Discussions about the White Marsh precinct.
Baltimore County Falls Prevention Coalition
Jul 2, 2013
Dr. Virginia Billian, Baltimore County Commission on Aging
Firaxis Games
Jul 1, 2013
Visit Firaxis Games, one of the most successful video game development companies in the world, and meet creative director Sid Meier.
Get Smarter: Art of Color
Jul 1, 2013
"Get Smarter" as a Baltimore County artist shows us the art of color.
Smarts: Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre
Jun 27, 2013
Host Carolyn Black-Sotir interviews an Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre performer now based at Towson University.
Police Report - July
Jun 27, 2013
An interview with the Marine Team.
Smoking Safety
May 23, 2013
Cigarettes are one of the leading causes of fatal fires in the U.S.
Foreign Lotteries - Guaranteed To Lose
May 1, 2013
Frank J. Schissler, US Postal Inspector; US Post Office
Home Team: Supporting Your Community
May 1, 2013
Danielle Singley, Manager, Home Team Program, BCDA
Police Report - Police Foundation
May 1, 2013
We take a look at the Police Foundation.
Police Report - Cold Case
May 1, 2013
Cold Case investigation in the case of Sarah Jane Forrester.
Fiscal Year 2014 Budget
Apr 25, 2013
Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz delivers the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Message.
Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras
Mar 7, 2013
Host Carolyn Black-Sotir interviews Marin Alsop about the youth orchestras, whose new home is at the Carver Center for Arts & Technology in Towson.
For All the World to See
Mar 7, 2013
Explore an exhibit at UMBC about the impact of visual arts on the civil rights movement and perceptions of race.
Get smARTER: The Creative Process
Mar 7, 2013
Composer Valencio Jackson and creative designer Dan Shipp talk about developing the original music and graphics for the show
Taking Care of the Family Caregiver
Feb 27, 2013
Frances Bond, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Stevenson University discusses how to care for the caregiver.
Pikesville Senior Center Interviews
Feb 19, 2013
Watch candid interviews from Pikesville Senior Center members.
The Maryland Hunger Solutions' Food Stamp Challenge
Jan 7, 2013
Dr. Gene Gary-Williams, AARP Advocate/Volunteer
Baltimore County Commission on Disabilities
Jan 3, 2013
Learn about the Commission on Disabilities.
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