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  1. Artful Gifts

    Great One-of-a-Kind Gifts

    Are you in a gift rut? If you’re looking for ideas that are authentic, memorable and definitely not pre-packaged, put your creative on.

    Get in the festive spirit with a holiday concert or the classic Nutcracker ballet. Tickets make a great gift –try a performance during the Take A Leap Baltimore County Dance Celebration in February.

    How about a piece of original art from an emerging artist? Support our local Baltimore County artists. You’ll have a one-of -a-kind, original work that might become a family heirloom. 

    Break out of the Box Ideas

    So break out of the box. Here are some artful gift ideas:       

    Towson University Pottery, Glass and Jewelry Sale
    December 4 to 5
    Center for the Arts, Ceramics Studio, CA 3012


    Maccabeats Chanukah Concert 
    December 13

    Gordon Center for Performing Arts


    The Nutcracker
    Baltimore Ballet
    December 12-13
    Goucher College Kraushaar Auditorium

    Christmas for Kids
    Baltimore Choral Arts
    December 19
    Goucher College Kraushaar Auditorium

    Take a Leap Baltimore County Dance Celebration
    Gordon Center for Performing Arts

    Joshua Nelson Band
    “Kosher Gospel”
    January 17
    Gordon Center for Performing Arts

    Sing-Along Messiah
    Baltimore Choral Arts
    December 18
    Goucher College Kraushaar Auditorium

    Baltimore County Arts Guild
    The Gallery @1101
    1101 Maiden Choice Lane, Second Floor, Arbutus

    Towson Arts Collective
    40 West Chesapeake Avenue, Towson

    Fronda Cohen,
    Director, Baltimore County Arts & Sciences Commission

    Mon, 30 Nov 2015 19:37:00 GMT
  2. Save a Loved One from Dying from an Overdose

    County Offers Free Training on Naloxone Use

    The Baltimore County Department of Health is offering a free, two-hour training on how to recognize, prevent and respond to an opioid overdose by using intra-nasal naloxone, a prescription medication that is used to reverse an overdose.

    The final trainings scheduled for 2015 are:

    • Tuesday, December 1, from 6 to 8 p.m.
      Rosedale Library
      6105 Kenwood Avenue
      Rosedale, Maryland 21237
    • Thursday, December 3, from 6 to 8 p.m.
      Parkville Recreation and Senior Center
      8601 Harford Road
      Parkville, Maryland 21234

    The Training

    The training is aimed to reach those who are concerned about loved ones or friends who may be at risk for overdosing on heroin or prescription pain medication. In addition to learning about opioids, participants will be taught how to recognize, respond to and prevent an opioid overdose.

    The session will teach registrants how to administer intra-nasal naloxone to reverse an overdose. Participants will receive a certificate of completion, prescription for naloxone and a kit containing the medication.

    Pre-registration is required and seating is limited. Register online or call 410-887-3828.

    Mon, 30 Nov 2015 18:59:00 GMT
  3. Separate Yard Materials Collection in Baltimore County Ends in December

    Collection Will Resume April 2016

    The separate collection of yard materials (for Baltimore County residents with “Y” days on their collection schedules) will halt in December, and will resume in April 2016.

    The date of the last 2015 “Y” day varies among County collection schedules. Residents must refer to their particular schedule for details (the final “Y” day will occur within the first two weeks of December).

    Please note that after the last “Y” day occurs on a particular schedule, yard materials can be placed out with trash on a scheduled trash collection day.

    Schedule and Guide Information

    Residents may go online to view their trash and recycling collection schedule and program guide by visiting the Bureau of Solid Waste Management website. Collection schedules and program guides can also be obtained by calling 410-887-2000.

    Baltimore County residents are reminded that raking or blowing leaves into the gutter or street is illegal.

    Fri, 27 Nov 2015 15:30:00 GMT
  4. I Speak for the Leaves

    A Message from Your Leaves…

    Hi, do you want a lush, green world in the spring? If so, don’t waste your precious fall weekends raking us into piles and bagging us, or shattering the serenity of sunlit afternoons with leaf blowers. Instead, consider leaving us where we fall – “leafcycle.”


    Leafcycling is the process of mulching leaves – that is, mincing us to shreds with your lawn mower – then letting Mother Nature take her course. This thin layer of tiny leaf particles, approximately one-tenth of their original size, will decompose and add valuable nutrients to your soil – for free.

    Afraid you have an overwhelming abundance of leaves? No worries. Use my friends and me to mulch around your shrubs or in your flower beds and gardens or as filler for your compost pile. You can count on us to protect the roots of your shrubs and perennials over the blustery, white winter.

    We Can Nourish Your Lawn

    Why place us on the curb in plastic bags, waiting to be hauled away, when we could be nourishing your lawn?

    There are a few simple guidelines to obtain the best results:

    • Instead of waiting for all of the leaves to fall and mulching them in one cutting, do multiple cuttings. This is especially true if you have a lot of leaves.
    • Chop the leaves as finely as possible. The finer the particles, the quicker they will decompose. A mulching mower will assist in this process, but any mower can be used.
    • Make sure the leaf particles don’t cover the tops of the grass blades. You don’t want to smother your lawn.
    • If the mulched leaves are higher than the tops of the grass blades, you can place the excess around your annual plants, shrubs, hedges and trees. A six-inch layer of mulched leaves will quickly settle into the ideal three-inch layer that will help to keep soil moist and protect the plants’ roots through winter.

    Thanks on behalf of all leaf types,

    Abel the Maple Leaf and her friends at the Baltimore County Recycling Division

    Tue, 24 Nov 2015 17:20:00 GMT
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