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About the Courts

Circuit Court

The Circuit Court for Baltimore County is the trial court of general jurisdiction. The court hears major civil cases, serious criminal matters including death penalty cases, juvenile and family law cases.

District Court

The jurisdiction of the District Court includes all landlord-tenant cases, replevin actions, motor vehicle violations, misdemeanors and certain felonies.

Orphans' Court

The Orphans' Court specializes in cases involving disputes about wills and codicils, the administration of estates, guardianships over property left to minors and protection of minors’ assets.

State's Attorney

The State's Attorney aims to be aggressive and effective advocates for the victims of crime and the citizens of Maryland.

Register of Wills

The Register of Wills is responsible for appointing personal representatives to administer decedents’ estates and for overseeing the proper and timely administration of these proceedings.

Revised June 28, 2016         


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