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Department of Public Works
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Road And Bridge Closings

Baltimore County is required periodically to inspect all bridges on county roads. If these bridges are found to need repairs or replacement, it may be necessary to temporarily close the road and divert traffic.

In addition, roads may need to be closed and traffic diverted due to regular maintenance and improvements. We attempt to provide up-to-date information on any roads currently closed due to road repair and/or improvement, or bridge repair and/or replacement through notices in all local newspapers and through news releases on the county's website, under the News tab. Find out the policy (PDF) procedures on county road closures.

The information listed here is only for construction and maintenance projects. If you are interested in road and bridge closings due to inclement weather, visit Emergency Preparedness; which posts real-time updates about road and bridge closures as well as flood warnings, snow plowing, etc.

Current Closures:

Cowenton Avenue

Cowenton Avenue between Joppa Road and Panorama Drive will be closed from April 10 until May 10 to install utilities.

Delaware Avenue

Delaware Avenue will be closed between Joppa Road and Sheely Avenue from March 21 until April 9 for utility construction.

Yataruba Road

Yataruba Road will be closed between Croydon Road and Essex Road daily from March 17 until April 18 for utility construction.

Helena Avenue

Helena Avenue will be closed daily between Eastern Avenue and Virginia Avenue for repairs to the pumping station. This work will be on-going for the next several months.

Revised April 7, 2014

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