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My Neighborhood

The My Neighborhood application is an interactive map to find specific information to Baltimore County. The application enables users to search for locations by an address or tax account number, identify features such as zoning designations, find additional information related to data, link to Real Property (tax assessment) information, planimetric-topographic data, view aerial photography, measure distances and print maps.

My Neighborhood User Guide (PDF)
Data Layer Descriptions and Theme Information (PDF)
My Neighborhood Map Legend (PDF)

New Visitors

Upon first visit to the application, users will be directed to download a one-time, free Silverlight plug-in directly from Microsoft. If you are using an Apple Mac OS X and need to install Silverlight, do not use the install link provided on the application. Instead, use the following link to install the proper plug-in: Download the Silverlight plug-in.

The application may load slowly upon first visit. Loading time will decrease during subsequent visits.

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System Requirements

  • Newer versions of Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge do not support Silverlight. If you're using one of these browsers, please use our new MyNeighborhood Zoning Map instead.
  • My Neighborhood requires the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. An install link is provided for first time users. For Apple Mac OS X users, visit the Silverlight plug-in page to install Silverlight.
  • Pop-up blockers must be disabled for My Neighborhood to function properly. Refer to your browser’s support on how to check and update this feature.
  • High-speed Internet connections are recommended for best results.

Contact Us

If you experience technical issues or need to report data problems, call 410-887-2233 or email

Revised May 17, 2017         


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