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Date: Oct 5, 2020

A Critical and United Step Toward Equal Justice

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski today issued the following statement following the bipartisan passage of the SMART Policing Act by a vote of six to one:

"Today Baltimore County has taken a critical—and united—next step toward equal justice. The SMART Policing Act will make our Police Department and our County better for everyone. I’m grateful to my colleagues on the County Council for ensuring bipartisan progress in meeting the challenge that this moment demands. This is not the end, but it is another important step towards a more just and equitable future.”

County Introducing Prevailing Wage and Local Hiring Legislation

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski today announced plans to introduce prevailing wage and local hiring legislation to support Baltimore County’s workforce and ensure workers hired for County-funded capital improvement projects receive competitive and fair wages.

Baltimore County would join the state of Maryland, as well as four local jurisdictions—Baltimore City, Charles County, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County—that currently have prevailing wage laws.

“The men and women who build our roads, our schools and all the public infrastructure supporting our quality of life deserve the ability to earn a fair, living wage," said Olszewski. “This legislation creates a level playing field for workers, improves workplace safety and enhances project quality—all while ensuring we put Baltimore County’s residents to work as we continue the road to economic recovery.”

Under the proposed legislation, construction companies awarded County contracts will be assured a standard rate of pay set by the State of Maryland’s annual wage determination surveys of construction company employers. Prevailing wages would be required for all County-funded capital projects valued at $300,000 and above.

Montgomery and Charles County each require prevailing wages for projects valued at $500,000 and above. Prevailing wages are required for all county-funded capital construction projects in Prince George’s County and Baltimore City requires prevailing wages for projects valued at $5,000 and above.

The legislation would also require that at least 51 percent of all new jobs required to complete these projects are filled by Baltimore County residents. This employee data will be reported to the Baltimore County Department of Economic and Workforce Development. Ensuring increased employment opportunities for local residents will be critical as Baltimore County continues its economic recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a March 2020 analysis by Pinnacle Economics, a prevailing wage policy would result in increased hiring of Baltimore County residents, generating millions in economic impacts to the local economy. For example, the County would experience a net gain of 232 jobs, $35.1 million in additional income for workers, and receive $6 million in additional state and local tax revenue, if applied to the County’s FY2020 to 2025 capital budget.

Additionally, prevailing wage laws have been tied to significant secondary economic benefits, such as:

  • Increasing the likelihood that workers have health insurance coverage
  • Reducing the likelihood that workers earn an income below the poverty level
  • Reducing the likelihood that workers utilize public assistance programs
  • Increasing the likelihood that projects are completed by local workers, putting money directly back into the local economy

The bill will officially be introduced during this evening’s Baltimore County Council meeting.

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