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Walkable Towson

The Walkable Towson Plan Volume I

Introductory Material

Short-Term Recommendations

  • Part I (PDF) – Redesign of York Road, The Circle, Chesapeake and Pennsylvania Avenues, York Road Streetscape.
  • Part II (PDF) – Signage and Wayfinding, Gateways, Washington and Pennsylvania in Proximity to the Old Courthouse, Plaza Between Court Buildings, Bicycle Plan

Full Transformation

The introduction to this section includes a map depicting eight "focus areas" in which proposals for redevelopment and other interventions to advance walkability are recommended. The sections following Introduction detail the proposed interventions. 

Following the 2006 Urban Design Assistance Team's work and the 2007 Walkable Towson Charette, the Walkable Towson Plan was developed. This lead to the creation of  the Urban Design Principles (PDF), which was adopted by the Baltimore County Planning Board. In response the Baltimore County Council adopted Bill 38-2011(PDF), creating the Towson Business Core; Alternative Development Process.

Revised April 6, 2016         


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