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In-Home Aide Services

Populations Served

The Home Care Program serves persons of all ages living in Baltimore County. Clients may include those:

  • Who cannot remain in their household without concrete assistance due to a physical, emotional or mental disability
  • Caregivers of disabled or chronically ill adults
  • Parents who need in-home assistance to improve the care they give their children and reduce the risks of abuse and neglect


The Home Care Program provides supportive services to families and individuals as part of an overall treatment plan agreed upon by the client and their case manager.

In-home assistance may include:

  • Personal care
  • Chores
  • Respite care
  • Transportation
  • Training in self-care
  • Teaching and reinforcement of parenting skills
  • Guidance to caretakers
  • Assistance to mentally or emotionally ill adults


An individual is eligible for In-Home Aide Services if they:

  • Receive case management services from Baltimore County Department of Social Services
  • Are unable to obtain the necessary paraprofessional services from another resource
  • Are willing to accept In-Home Aide Services
  • Agree to pay any fee required as determined by the state's fee schedule

To determine if you are eligible for In-Home Aide Services, call your case manager or the Adult Screening Office at 410-853-3000.

Visit the Maryland Department of Human Services for more information on In-Home Aide Services.

Revised March 20, 2018         


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