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Bureau of Utilities

Bryan Bokey, P.E. Chief


  • Construction and Repair Division - Sewer, Water and Storm Drain
    • Provide labor and equipment to repair sewer pipelines and all portions of the storm drain system which are below grade.
    • Support Baltimore City Public Works repair crews in the repair of broken water mains and valves.
  • Pipeline Maintenance Division
    • Responsible for inspecting and maintaining the gravity sewer collection system.
    • Inspection and cleaning of storm drain inlet boxes and drain pipes.
    • Responds to emergency calls to replace manhole covers, relieve sewer backups and overflowing manholes.
    • Pipeline Inspection utilizes closed circuit television, smoke testing, dye testing as well as visual inspection techniques.
    • Maintenance includes the use of cleaning equipment to clear blockages and debris from sewers and storm drain pipes.
    • Administers the Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) program.
  • Pumping and Treatment Division
    • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of 224 pumps located at 107 sewage pumping stations, one community sewage treatment plant, three treatment and water distribution systems, and approximately 2,000 grinder pump stations.
  • Engineering and Regulation Division
    • Primary responsibility as the delegated authority by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) through the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE), is to manage and effectively enforce the Wastewater Monitoring and Analysis Program through permitting, monitoring and analysis of wastewater from industrial and commercial customers.

Water Issues

Baltimore City is responsible for the water service in Baltimore County. There are a number of different issues related to the water service that are handled by Baltimore City, and some that are handled by Baltimore County.

Call Baltimore City for:

  • Water billing or water rates–call 410-396-5398Look Up a Water BillPay Your Water Bill.
  • Water meter issues–call 410-396-3100.
  • Water quality, such as color, water pressure, etc.–call 443-263-2220.

Call Baltimore County for:

  • Water leaks–call 410-887-7415.
  • Water main breaks–call 410-887-7415. You can use Baltimore City's interactive map to view where breaks have occurred and the status of repairs.
  • Water leaking from fire hydrants–call 410-887-7415.

Contact Us

4421 Bucks Schoolhouse Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21237

Phone: 410-887-1836
Fax: 410-887-1832

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