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Request or Cancel a Trip

The following rules apply to all CountyRide program participants:

  • Clients must be ready 20 minutes prior to pickup time.
  • Drivers cannot wait longer than five minutes at each pickup and must have safe and accessible access to your home.
  • A client may have only two trips in a one-week period, based on availability.
  • Clients are responsible for personal belongings and are limited to two grocery bags or parcels.

Request a Trip

This is only a request. Do not email or fax requests for transportation. Schedules and requests are not final until the day before the requested trip and times are subject to change. Participants can request trips and confirm details 24-7:

  • By phone: Call 410-887-2080 and follow the prerecorded prompts. You can speak to an agent during business hours by pressing "0" or simply holding the line. Note: New clients must speak with an agent the first time they request a trip. 
  • Online: Use the CountyRide Request-A-Trip interactive web response system.

Remember to have the following information for the operator, so that we might help you more efficiently.

  • Your client ID number and password (assigned by CountyRide)
  • Date and time of your appointment
  • Exact address of your destination
  • Doctors last name and phone number
  • Estimated return time

Cancel a Trip

Cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance by calling our 24-7 cancellation hotline at 410-887-4565. This line is answered by CountyRide dispatchers from 4 p.m. until closing. Requests to schedule trips made through this line will not be honored or acknowledged.

Revised August 10, 2020         


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