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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a traffic signal or stop sign placed at an intersection?

A. When a resident or a community wishes to have a traffic signal or traffic signs placed at an intersection within their neighborhood, our traffic inspectors will assess the existing traffic needs to determine exactly what type of device is needed. Call Traffic Engineering at 410-887-3554 to begin the inspection process.

Q. Can I request the timing of a signal be changed?

A. If the timing of a signal at a County intersection seems too long or too short, call Traffic Engineering at 410-887-3554 to request that the timing be changed. An assessment of the traffic flow will be made to determine if the timing change is possible.

Q. How do I report a street light outage or pole damage?

A. Street light outages and pole damage should be reported by calling Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) at 1-800-685-0123. Most street lights in Baltimore County are maintained by BGE.

Q. How do I request additional street lighting, upgrades or shades to be placed on existing street lights?

A. Requests of these types require that the majority of the residents affected by the lighting modification sign a petition. Call the Street Light Program at 410-887-3716.

Revised July 14, 2016         


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