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Traffic Signs

There are about 250,000 signs in Baltimore County to inform motorists. The sign shop installs approximately 6,000 signs per year and stores about 2,000 signs. They also perform road painting and marking using white and yellow paint, on approximately 2,700 miles of roads in Baltimore County.


The Traffic Signs division:

  • Acquires and maintains an inventory of commonly used, standard traffic signs
  • Designs and fabricates all special and custom traffic signs
  • Installs, maintains, repairs, replaces and removes when appropriate all regulatory, warning, guide and street name signs
  • Paints centerlines, edge lines and lane lines on County roadways as needed
  • Removes markings when required by revised roadway configurations or changed traffic needs
  • Provides channeling devices or barricades for special events
  • Paints and fabricates special (non-traffic) signs, logos and decals for other County agencies

Traffic signs installed on public streets in Baltimore County are to meet the policy standards outlined in the Sign Installation and Procedures Manual (PDF). This includes signs installed by developers on new streets within the County intended to be dedicated for public use.

All General-Use Reserved Parking Spaces for vehicles with Disabled Parking Permits are required to conform to the signing standards outlined in the Disabled Parking Signs and Parking Lot Layouts (PDF) after October 1, 2010. These standards apply to all such spaces in the County on both public and private property.

Report A Problem

Traffic signs and signals are maintained by either Baltimore County or the State Highway Administration. For immediate safety issues, call 911. They will contact the appropriate agency for emergency response. For general concerns, you may use our Contact Us form.

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