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Standards for Construction

The Department of Public Works and Transportation has developed Standard Specifications for Construction and MaterialsStandard Details for Construction, and a Commodity Code that cross references the two and facilitates itemization with the construction contracts. They are incorporated into our construction contracts by reference.

A committee meets on a regular basis to propose changes to these documents as necessary or appropriate. The adopted specification book is available online. Changes made by the committee, but not yet incorporated into an addendum, are included in proposal books for construction contracts advertised for bids. These changes are available for engineers to incorporate into contract documents being prepared for advertising.

Addendums are issued when a sufficient number of these adopted changes are accumulated. They can be purchased from our Division of Construction Contracts Administration, 111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Room 300B, Towson, Maryland, 21204. You may call 410-887-3531 for further information.

Standard Details for Construction 2007

  1. Title (PDF)
  2. General (PDF) (1.6 mb)
  3. Water Supply (PDF) (2.6 mb)
  4. Sanitary Sewer (PDF) (1.1 mb)
  5. Storm Drain 1.00 (PDF) (1.4 mb)
  6. Storm Drain 2.00 (PDF) (2.9 mb)
  7. Storm Drain 3.00 (PDF) (1.7 mb)
  8. Roads (PDF) (2.4 mb)
  9. Design Manual Plates (PDF) (1.2 mb)

Standard Specifications for Construction and Materials

Revised May 12, 2021         


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