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Design Manual

A new Design Manual has been adopted by County Council Resolution 63-10 to assist Professional Engineers and Architects with preparation of plans and other contract documents when bidding on county construction projects. Interested parties may download this material for design of projects in Baltimore County. Those wishing to purchase printed copies may do so at the Construction Contracts Administration Division office, Room 300B, County Office Building. For your convenience, please call Barbara Wentworth at 410-887-3531 or fax 410-887-4505, attention to Barbara Wentworth, to check on availability before coming in to the office.

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Design Manual (Adopted August 2, 2010)

  1. 00-Introduction (PDF)
  2. 01-General Instructions (PDF)
  3. 02-CAD (PDF)
  4. 03-Surveys (PDF)
  5. 04-Land Acquisition (PDF)
  6. 05-Water Supply (PDF)
  7. 05-Water Supply Sample Drawings (PDF)
  8. 06-Sanitary Sewer (PDF)
  9. 07-Storm Drainage (PDF)
  10. 07-Storm Drain Hydrology Plates (PDF)
  11. 07-Storm Drain Hydraulics Plates (PDF)
  12. 08-Roads and Streets (PDF)
  13. 08-Roads Plates (PDF)
  14. 09-Paving Design (PDF)
  15. 10-Structures (PDF)
  16. 11-Public Buildings (PDF)
  17. 12-Terminology (PDF)
  18. 13-Design Manual Index (PDF)
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