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Design Manual

A new Design Manual was adopted in 2010 by County Council Resolution 63-10 to assist Professional Engineers and Architects with preparation of plans and other contract documents when bidding on County construction projects. For more information, email

  1. 00-Introduction (PDF)
  2. 01-General Instructions (PDF)
  3. 02-CAD (PDF)
  4. 03-Surveys (PDF)
  5. 04-Land Acquisition (PDF)
  6. 05-Water Supply (PDF)
  7. 05-Water Supply Sample Drawings (PDF)
  8. 06-Sanitary Sewer (PDF)
  9. 07-Storm Drainage (PDF)
  10. 07-Storm Drain Hydrology Plates (PDF)
  11. 07-Storm Drain Hydraulics Plates (PDF)
  12. 08-Roads and Streets (PDF)
  13. 08-Roads Plates (PDF)
  14. 09-Paving Design (PDF)
  15. 10-Structures (PDF)
  16. 11-Public Buildings (PDF)
  17. 12-Terminology (PDF)
  18. 13-Design Manual Index (PDF)
Revised September 29, 2022         


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