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Yard Materials Collection: Grass, Leaves, Small Brush

Understanding Your Collection Schedule

Your Baltimore County collection schedule is available online, or call 410-887-2000 for a copy.

If there are Ys on your schedule, yard materials will be collected separately for recycling from April 1 through the last Y day on your schedule each year. In all other cases, yard materials will be collected with trash. For example, if your last Y day in a year is December 1, yard materials will be collected with trash from December 2 through March 31.

If there are no Ys on your schedule, yard materials will be collected with trash year-round. See Bureau of Solid Waste Management collection collection regulations for specific set-out procedures.

Notice: Paper Yard Material Bags Now Required on Y Days

Starting April 1, 2022, paper bags will be required for yard material collection on separate yard material ("Y") days. To assist with this transition, the County is providing paper yard material bags to residents (limit five per person) at no cost, on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last at all Baltimore County trash and recycling drop-off centers, Baltimore County Public Library branches and senior centers.


Accepted Materials

When setting out yard materials on Y collection days, use heavy-duty paper bags only.

  • Branches, limbs, twigs
  • Grass 
  • Leaves 
  • Shrubbery trimmings
  • Vines 
  • Dirt
  • Giant hogweed
  • Food scraps
  • Garden hoses
  • Lumber
  • Poison ivy/oak/sumac

Collection Requirements

  • Place grass and leaves in heavy-duty (2 ply) paper lawn and leaf bags; yard materials may only be contained in plastic bags when set out as trash to be collected on a scheduled trash day.
  • Branches and limbs must be no larger than three inches in diameter, no longer than three feet and tied in bundles.
  • Bag or bundle other materials.
  • Maximum weight for a bag or bundle is 30 pounds.
  • Do not place yard materials in trash containers or the street.

Collections During Peak and Holiday Periods

Residents may set out an unlimited number of bags of yard materials, but the collector may not collect all of the bags on the same day. Collectors must make trash collection their first priority and must take into account all of the residents on their route. The Bureau of Solid Waste Management appreciates residents' patience regarding yard materials collections, especially during peak and holiday collection periods. Residents are asked to leave their yard materials out until collection occurs.


Do not rake or blow leaves (or other yard materials) into the public street. It is a violation of County Code Section 18-3-109 to place leaves, grass or other debris into a County street or in storm drains. Such unlawful acts may result in fines being issued.

Revised December 13, 2021         


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