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Yard Materials Collection: Grass, Leaves, Small Brush

Understanding Your Collection Schedule

Your Baltimore County collection schedule is available online, or call 410-887-2000 for a copy.

If there are Ys on your schedule, yard materials will be collected separately for recycling from April 1 through the last Y day on your schedule each year. In all other cases, yard materials will be collected with trash. For example, if your last Y day in a year is December 1, yard materials will be collected with trash from December 2 through March 31.

If there are no Ys on your schedule, yard materials will be collected with trash year-round. See Bureau of Solid Waste Management collection collection regulations for specific set-out procedures.

Notice: Paper Yard Material Bags Required on Y Days

Paper bags are required for yard material collection on separate yard material ("Y") days. 


Accepted Materials

When setting out yard materials on Y collection days, use heavy-duty paper bags only.

  • Branches, limbs, twigs
  • Grass 
  • Leaves 
  • Shrubbery trimmings
  • Vines 
  • Dirt
  • Giant hogweed
  • Food scraps
  • Garden hoses
  • Lumber
  • Poison ivy/oak/sumac

Collection Requirements

  • Place grass and leaves in heavy-duty (2-ply) paper lawn and leaf bags.
  • Branches and limbs must be no larger than three inches in diameter, no longer than three feet and tied in bundles.
  • Bag or bundle other materials.
  • Do not place yard materials in trash containers or the street.


Do not rake or blow leaves (or other yard materials) into the public street. It is a violation of County Code Section 18-3-109 to place leaves, grass or other debris into a County street or in storm drains. Such unlawful acts may result in fines being issued.

Revised May 19, 2022         


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