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Residential Refuse Disposal Authorizations

Visit the drop-off facilities overview to view an accepted materials list, as well as detailed County disposal regulations.

Baltimore County Residents:

In most cases, residents of Baltimore County (with proof of residence) may dispose of trash at County drop-off facilities, free of charge. However, some situations require that a refuse disposal authorization be obtained in advance.

If any of the following conditions apply, the resident must obtain a refuse disposal authorization in advance. If an authorization is not obtained, the resident will be charged a prorated fee of $100 per ton of material:

  • A resident wishes to use a vehicle other than a car, van or "standard" pick-up (pick-up bed of four by eight feet or less).
  • A resident wishes to deliver waste which could be construed to be commercial, whether from a business establishment or from "odd-jobbing" or "handyman" operations.
  • A resident has a relative or friend who will be hauling the waste on behalf of the resident and at no cost to the resident.
  • A resident wishes to deliver more than two loads in any size vehicle within a week, or more than six loads in a calendar year.
  • A resident wishes to deliver an item that is "Restricted Waste" (for example, non-metallic boats or campers).
  • A resident wishes to use a commercially marked vehicle. Please note that a disposal authorization is not automatically needed if a resident uses a pick-up sized or style truck rented from U-Haul or a hardware store (these are the only exceptions); however, other conditions that require a refuse disposal authorization (such as number of loads or type of material) still apply.

To request a refuse disposal authorization, please visit our authorization request page or call the Bureau of Solid Waste Management (410-887-2000) at least 14 working days before the date you wish to dispose of your material. Have information available about the type of material you'll be bringing, the number of loads you anticipate, and the vehicle you will be delivering it in.

For further information, please view our solid waste regulations.

Revised April 27, 2022         


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