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Ways to Green Your High School

Learn how you can reduce, reuse and recycle at your high school.


  • Use electronic slide presentations when giving a speech, presenting a project or having a class discussion. This will help cut down the use of paper and of note cards.
  • Start a class website where you and classmates can get homework help, submit discussion questions and play with interactive study guides, which helps save paper.
  • Organize an effort to calculate the carbon footprint of your school to see what kind of effect you have on the environment and discuss ways to minimize your effect through reduction of waste.


  • Instead of buying bottled water, use a refillable water bottle.
  • Rent movies and video games instead of buying new ones.


  • Get involved. Most schools have environment or Earth Day clubs, so try signing up or helping in some way.
  • Help clean up litter around the school by helping to organize a cleanup in your neighborhood.
  • As you prepare for graduation, ask potential colleges about their environmental practices. Many colleges have recycling and reuse programs and eco-friendly dorms. Also, consider taking courses toward a “Green Collar Career.”
  • Earn great grades. Humankind can right a lot of our wrongs and invent new technology to preserve Earth’s resources, but it will take a lot of smarts, so study.

At Prom or School Dance

  • Get a dress from an environmentally-friendly clothing line that uses organic fabrics like bamboo and hemp.
  • If you purchase a new dress, consider donating it after the big dance to a charity or a teen who cannot afford to purchase her own dress.
  • Use rag curls the night before instead of a curling iron or electric curls.
  • Talk to a nearby greenhouse or nursery about renting plants or, even if you buy the plants, ask the principal if you can plant them afterwards around the school.
  • Keep the price of dance tickets down by doing away with unnecessary printing costs. Consider using electronic invitations.
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