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Ways to Green Your Elementary School


  • Use reusable bottles for drinks instead of individual juice boxes or cans.
  • Use reusable containers for snacks and packed lunches instead of disposable wrappers or bags.
  • Buy snacks with less packaging on them (such as an apple instead of a package of apple crisps).
  • When having parties in the classroom, use washable plates and cups instead of disposable ones.
  • If your classroom has a pet turtle, lizard or fish, use real plants instead of synthetic or plastic plants.
  • Ask your teacher if you could walk to a nearby park to examine the local ecosystems without using extra gas.


  • Always use both sides of a piece of paper.
  • Make sure every classroom has a scrap paper tray for reusing paper.
  • Reuse old paper that cannot be written on any more in craft projects.
  • Hold a “bring and buy” sale to raise money for your school, where people can bring old clothes, toys or books for someone else to buy or reuse.
  • Encourage the school to use rechargeable batteries and refillable print cartridges.


  • If your school has a drink vending machine, put a recycling bin next to it to collect cans for recycling.
  • Help set up a composting bin for yard materials or a vermicomposting bin for food scraps in your cafeteria or courtyard.
  • Encourage your school to buy and use recycled paper and other recycled products.
  • Use pencils and other school supplies made from recycled materials.
Revised July 15, 2016         


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