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Prequalification Procedures

Architects, landscape architects and engineers who plan to submit expressions of interest to work on Baltimore County projects must prequalify. Note: The three disciplines listed must be licensed by the State of Maryland.

Baltimore County has created a Small Business Purchase Program (SBPP) that may be helpful to those interested in working on County projects.

To receive the prequalification reminder notice via email, please subscribe to our email distribution list.

Annual Prequalification Review

The County sends out email prequalification notification reminding consulting firms to establish or renew their prequalification for the coming Prequalification Cycle, which runs from August 1 to July 31 of the following year. Consultants also may prequalify for a specific project prior to the project's submittal date.

Prequalification Expires Annually On July 31

  • Prequalification forms are accepted throughout the Prequalification Cycle (August 1 to July 31) the following year. The prequalification submittals are valid only for the particular cycle in which it was submitted.
  • Irregular submittals are sent a courtesy letter for correct information needed, as long as the prequalification submittal is not with a specific project submittal.
  • Firms that submit prequalification forms with a project submittal, run the risk of being eliminated from the project due to an incorrect prequalification submittal. We strongly suggest early prequalification.
  • View the requirements of Minority and Women owned businesses.
  • View the current list (PDF) of prequalified consultants.

In Order to Prequalify

You must submit a Standard Form SF254 (PDF) and a County 101-A Form (PDF) with a copy of the appropriate Maryland professional licenses. These forms provide background information about the nature of your firm and the projects it has completed. Where the word "Federal" or "Government" is used on the form, it shall be construed to mean "County". These forms must be mailed with an original signature. Faxed copies are not accepted.

In an effort to keep our consultants and employees safe, and minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Bureau will receive prequalification packages via email to Bobbie Rodriguez at by the time and date identified in the advertisement. The required hard copy should follow by mail within a week of the deadline. No exceptions will be made.

If you cannot download a copy of the County 101-A (PDF) form, you may also obtain a copy by writing or calling us at the above address.

Important Notice: Original signatures are required on the Standard Form SF254 (PDF).

Revised June 14, 2022         


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