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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Contracts

Q. How does a contractor become prequalified with Baltimore County?
A. A contractor shall complete and file a prequalification application with the Department of Public Works, Division of Construction Contracts Administration. The application and rules for prequalification can be downloaded from the County’s website.

Q. Who must be prequalified?
A. All prime contractors that are bidding on capital improvement contracts in excess of $25,000 and any work in the public infrastructure on development projects via UA0 or RA0 agreements (i.e., County right-of-way projects).

Q. What are the prerequisites for becoming a prequalified contractor in Baltimore County?
A. A contractor must complete at least 50 percent of work done with their own forces, be able to obtain a bond, and have a current Maryland Contractor’s Business License.

Q. How long does it take to become prequalified?
A. Contractors should allow a minimum of 30 days for review of applications. An incomplete application will delay the review.

Q. When must a contractor be prequalified?
A. The prime contractor’s prequalification must be approved 10 County business days prior to the date specified for opening of solicitations.

Q. Can an application be sent via email?
A. No. Original signatures and seals are required on all applications. Original applications must be mailed to the Department of Public Works, Division of Construction Contracts Administration, 111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Room 300B, Towson, Maryland 21204.

Q. When will a contractor know when their application has been approved?
A. A contractor will receive their certificate in the mail with all categories they have been approved for. It can also be scanned and emailed to you upon your request.

Q. What is the approved prequalification period? What happens when a certificate expires?
A. The prequalification expires three years after the approval date. Once the certificate expires, the contractor is no longer on our Prequalified Contractors List (PDF) and cannot bid on Baltimore County projects. Contractors need to submit an updated prequalification application to renew their certification. If it’s been longer than three years, contractors must apply as a new contractor.

Q. What is the process for adding categories to a current prequalification?
A. A contractor must send a letter formally requesting the additional category or categories along with an expanded project list pertaining to each additional category to the Department of Public Works, Division of Construction Contracts Administration. The letter and project list can be emailed to

Revised February 15, 2019         


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