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Rural roads are defined as a County-maintained road within Baltimore County’s rural conservation zones located outside of the Urban Rural Demarcation Line (URDL).

Design Standards for rural roads and for bridges and culverts along rural roads are included in Chapter Eight–Roads and Streets and Chapter 10–Structures in the Baltimore County Design Manual, adopted on August 2, 2010. 

Capital Bridge Projects

Baltimore County is planning to begin work within the next two years on several bridges. Funding for the repairs or replacement may be covered by either Federal or County funds. Bridge measurements are the clear width between parapets.

Bridge NumberRoad CrossingBridge WidthFundingComments
0018Sparks Road over Gunpowder Falls

Existing: 19 feet, 8 inches, plus or minus

Proposed: 19 feet 8 inches*

FederalHistoric truss bridge in need of cleaning and painting. Design programmed for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021; construction programmed for FY 2022.
0072Dogwood Road over Dogwood Run

Existing: 21 feet, 2 inches, plus or minus

Proposed: 31 feet*

FederalThe project has been delayed due to right of way acquisition of Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Coordination with environmental permitting agencies to begin once right-of-way schedule is known. Design has been completed and construction is anticipated in 2021.
0184River Road over Tributary to the Pataspco River

Existing: 20 feet, plus or minus

Proposed: 23 feet, 4 inches

County and Federal Emergency Management Agency*The bridge was destroyed during the May 2018 Ellicott City and Oella Flood event. Construction to start in June 2019. Road is currently closed to traffic.
0457Patterson Road over Tributary to Long Green Pike

Existing: 19 feet, 9 inches plus or minus

Proposed: 26 feet

CountyStructurally deficient bridge in need of total replacement. Engineering for the project began in summer 2014. Public input meeting anticipated in late 2019. Construction is programmed for FY 2021.
0594Wesley Chapel Road over Tributary to Charles Run

Existing: 19 feet, plus or minus

Proposed: 26 feet

CountyStructurally deficient bridge in need of either total replacement or major rehabilitation. Design to begin in FY 2020. Public input meeting anticipated in early 2021 if total replacement is necessary. Right-of-way impacts to be determined once project scope is determined. Construction is scheduled for FY 2023.
0642Cuba Road over Tributary to Western Run

Existing: 19 feet, 3 inches, plus or minus

Proposed: 22 feet

CountyStructurally deficient bridge in need of deck and portions of the abutments replaced. Construction programmed for summer of FY 2020.
0643South Ruhl Road over Little Falls

Existing: 20 feet, plus or minus

Proposed: 22 feet

CountyStructurally deficient bridge in need of total replacement. Steel roadway plates on bridge installed in fall 2011. In-kind replacement anticipated. Design underway. A public meeting may be held in late 2019. Construction programmed for FY 2020.
0757Stablersville Road over Tributary to Councilman's Run

Existing: 20 feet, plus or minus

Proposed: 26 feet

CountyRoadway reduced to one lane over bridge. Engineering studies currently underway to determine whether to replace or rehabilitate. If total replacement, public meeting anticipated for early 2020. Construction anticipated for FY 2022.

Notes: *Anticipated proposed bridge clear width to be reviewed and modified if necessary during preliminary design. Federal aid projects involve 80 percent Federal funds and 20 percent County funds for both design and construction. Construction completion dates are contingent on weather and other unanticipated delays.

Bridge Repairs

The list below shows Baltimore County scheduled bridge repairs for 2019. Road closings and detours are noted. Only significant repairs currently scheduled are listed. Other bridge repairs to be undertaken as needed.

Bridge NumberRoad CrossingProposed RepairComments
0007Pleasantville Road over Little Gunpowder FallsReplace deck panels, install traffic barrier across bridge and paint bridge.Road to be closed during construction. Signed detour anticipated.
0043Mantua Mill Road over Deadman RunTraffic barrier safety upgrades, deck rehabilitation, and painting.Road to be closed during construction. Unsigned detour anticipated.
0093Hydes Road over Long Green CreekScour repairs.Single lane flagging maintenance of traffic.
0401Sparks Road over tributary to Carroll RunAbutment repairs.Road to be closed during construction. Unsigned detour anticipated.
0769Beetree Road over tributary to Beetree RunReplaced failed wing wall and undermining.Single lane flagging maintenance of traffic.

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