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COVID-19 Crime Prevention and Health Safety

The Baltimore County Police Department reminds citizens that officers are still out on patrol and continuing to enforce the law. Several tips are provided to help reduce your chances of being a victim of a crime as well as reminders on staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Hyatt's COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa R. Hyatt would like the public to be aware of changes the BCoPD has made in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. These changes are designed to assist the police department in maintaining a safe and uninterrupted police response to calls for service. Changes include online reporting, telephone reporting, and safe responses by police officers. 

Watch Chief Hyatt's public safety video on our YouTube page for more information.

You can file a report for some incidents online. To see if online reporting is an option for you, visit our web page here: File a Police Report Online.

When calling the non-emergency police response phone number, 410-887-2222, your call will be screened to see if it qualifies for telephone reporting. If your call qualifies, you will be advised that your request meets the criteria for telephone reporting and that you will receive a return call from a staff member of the telephone reporting unit.

Domestic Violence

Chief Melissa Hyatt assures residents that officers continue to respond and assist to calls for service for domestic abuse and sexual assault. With most of us required to stay home, it may place some people in uncomfortable or unsafe situations. Chief Hyatt provides options that can be taken by those who are in an abusive relationship in the department's domestic violence public service announcement

Chief Hyatt's Domestic Violence PSA is also available in Spanish: (Español) PSA de Violencia Doméstica, Policia del Condado de Baltimore.

Human Trafficking

A pandemic can also cause an increase in vulnerabilities and risks of human trafficking. Survivors of human trafficking may experience unique difficulties during this time. Several organizations and resources are available online to assist residents.

The Baltimore County Human Trafficking Work Group was created on January 25, 2018 as a cross-functional work group to address the complex issue of human trafficking in coordination with the County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC). The work group takes a victim-centered approach as they work to reduce trafficking and protect victims.

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Baltimore County Updates and Resources

County Executive Olszewski and Baltimore County government are working to protect the health, safety and well-being of residents. Additional resources for local, state and federal government, as well as information about County operations and services are posted on the County's website.

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