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Behavioral Assessment Unit

The Behavioral Assessment Unit is part of the Baltimore County Crisis Response System (BCCRS) (PDF), which is a collaborative program between the Baltimore County Police and Health departments. The Affiliated Santé Group is the private vendor contracted by the Baltimore County Health Department to staff the clinical requirements of BCCRS.

The cooperative partnership became operational in July 2001 and is designed to provide comprehensive crisis intervention services to persons in a mental health crisis. The Unit is staffed by a lieutenant, sergeant, corporal and 15 patrol officers.

Threat Management, Mobile Crisis and Critical Incident Support

The Behavioral Assessment Unit consists of the Threat Management Team, Mobile Crisis Team and Critical Incident Support Team.

Threat Management Team

The Threat Management Team provides services that help prevent workplace violence. Detectives assigned to this Team are trained in threat assessment and site security assessment. They are given resources that are used to manage a threatening situation and coordinate with local, state and federal agencies to take appropriate actions to mitigate a threat. They also assist with the prosecution of cases as necessary.

Contact the Threat Management Team at 410-887-7825 to request information, or to schedule a threat assessment or site security assessment at your business, school or religious institution:

Lieutenant J. Bryan Shanks, commander of the Behavioral Assessment Unit

Detective Kenneth Brown, Threat Management Team

Mobile Crisis Team

The Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) provides mental health services to persons in mental, behavioral or emotional crisis. A specially-trained police officer is paired with a licensed mental health clinician. They provide emergency police response to persons in need of crisis intervention, assess individuals in need of services, offer resources and referrals, and complete emergency petitions when warranted.

A Crisis Hotline (410-931-2214) is available to those in crisis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Critical Incident Support Team

The Critical Incident Support Team (CIST) serves members of the Baltimore County Police Department, in addition to the community, to address and reduce the emotional impact that traumatic events and critical incidents can inflict upon law enforcement officers, emergency first responders, their families and citizens of the community.

Stress management (PDF) is also available to those experiencing difficulties post-trauma.

Components of the Crisis Response System

The Baltimore County Crisis Response System is comprised of the following services. These services are free to Baltimore County citizens.

24-hour Operations Center

This center is staffed by mental health professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff conducts assessments that come into the Crisis Hotline (410-931-2214), then provide triage, care management, information or referral, and suicide prevention or intervention. This telephone number is only for people in crisis.

In-Home Intervention Team

The In-Home Intervention Team (IHIT) team is comprised of mental health clinicians, with police back up when necessary, who provide short-term services to clients at home or in a community-based setting. They help stabilize a crisis, decrease the risk for unnecessary hospitalization, and refer persons in crisis to the appropriate resources. Services are prescheduled and available Monday through Friday.

Urgent Care Center

Urgent appointments are appropriate for individuals who would benefit from an emergency, one-time assessment by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. Appointments are available seven days a week during evening and weekend hours, when traditional outpatient mental health services are unavailable.

Critical Incident Support Team and Critical Incident Stress Management Team

The Critical Incident Support Team (CIST) serves members of the community in addressing and reducing the emotional impact inflicted by exposure to a traumatic incident. The Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM) (PDF) provides training and interventions to those experiencing post-incident difficulties. This service can be accessed through the Crisis Hotline (410-931-2214).

Mobile Crisis Team

Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) consists of a licensed clinician and police officer who provide on-site, immediate response to acute crisis situations in the community. They conduct mental health assessments and provide crisis resolution, family education, information and linkage to community mental health providers for individuals in need. The Mobile Crisis Team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Threat Management Team

The Threat Management Team provides services that help prevent workplace violence and school-based threats. Trained detectives provide threat and security assessments for public and private entities, public and private schools, and religious institutions.

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