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RADAR and LIDAR Instructor Course

This combined course will improve your knowledge of both radar and laser speed measurement devices and give you the instructional tools to present radar and laser training programs to other members of law enforcement.

You will learn the different scientific principles behind these devices and their proper application within the overall speed enforcement program. In addition, we will cover the various aspects of equipment use such as testing and verification protocols, case law, health issues and many other operational considerations.

Through practical exercises using a variety of different units, you will be exposed to the latest technology in the field. You will also take part in teaching exercises that emphasize the need for complete equipment familiarity on the part of the operator.


  • Time, distance and speed measurement
  • Scientific principles of radar and laser
  • Operational considerations
  • Case law and administrative rules
  • Theories of adult teaching and learning
  • Four-step teaching process
  • Practical exercises including classroom presentations

Officers requesting to attend this program must have successfully completed RADAR and LIDAR operator courses.

2017 Dates

  • November 6 to 10

 Requirements For Attendance

Students must bring a three-inch binder, note taking materials and a hi-liter.

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