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Support Units

The Baltimore County Police Department includes many specialized units, including the ones listed below.

Auxiliary Police Team
This volunteer organization provides police presence at schools, community and civic events, emergency situations, and in the capacity of responding to calls for service.

Aviation Team
Learn about our state-of-the art helicopters and aviation team.

Counseling Team
The Counseling Team is staffed with skilled counselors who work with young people and their families with the goal of preventing crime and fostering positive interpersonal relationships and life skills.

Forensic Services Section
The Forensic Services Section (FSS) is dedicated to providing accurate and objective scientific support for criminal investigations. This is accomplished through the work of expert forensic scientists and highly trained and experienced police professionals.

Honor Guard
The Honor Guard participates in numerous events each year, including police funerals, presentations of the colors at civic affairs and community parades.

Juvenile Offenders In Need of Supervision (JOINS)
The JOINS program was created to divert threshold offenders from the juvenile justice system. Threshold offenders are first-time, non-violent offenders or juveniles deemed to be at the beginning of a pattern of delinquency.

K9 Unit
Learn about our unique unit of canines and their handlers.

Police Athletic League (PAL)
The Police Athletic League (PAL) helps youth interact positively with police. The PAL centers provide a safe, positive and developing atmosphere for youth ages eight to 17. Through a variety of programs offered at each center, the focus is on helping youth develop various aspects of their lives including, but not limited to academics, athletics, social interaction, nutrition, life skills, the arts and community service.

Police Training Academy
The Training Section provides professional police education to recruits beginning a career in law enforcement and maintains Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC) certifications for more than 1,900 sworn officers throughout their careers with our accredited department. The Training Section also offers specialized courses to our officers in an ongoing effort to ensure that personnel are knowledgeable and skilled in the latest law enforcement practices.

School Resource Officer (SRO) Program 
The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is a successful partnership between the Baltimore County Police Department and the Baltimore County Public School System.

Traffic Training Team
The Traffic Training Team provides instruction into traffic-related topics for our officers.

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