February 22, 2021

  The Baltimore County Police Department wants to warn older residents about burglars preying on people within the community. These are criminals who work in tandem and use deception to trick their victims. These types of burglars pose as roofers, tree trimmers, even utility workers. Most recently, the criminals have worn bogus ID badges when they’ve approached unsuspecting homeowners.

  The deceptive burglars claim there’s a problem with a utility inside the victim's home and they need to inspect it. As one criminal attempts to distract the homeowner, another grabs cash, jewelry, even electronics from inside the home.

  Keep in mind these burglars often travel from one county to the next looking for older adults they can target. The average age of their victim is 81-years-old.

  In the recent string of burglaries, the suspects have been driving a gray full-sized truck.

  At this point, police are warning everyone to remain vigilant.

Tips to save safe 

  • If you’re not sure who the person is behind your door, don’t open it! No one said you're obligated to open the door.
  • If the “con” is so convincing, call a neighbor or friend nearby to come along and check the perimeter of your home, or check on the visitor before opening your door.
  • If you are successfully lured outside of your home, make sure to lock the door behind you. Most importantly, make sure all entryways leading into your home are locked as well. This includes doors, windows, and the garage.
  • If you ever do find yourself in the position where you may have to help someone, refer them to a younger neighbor, or assist them through a window or closed door. You can also call a neighbor or friend nearby to come and help.
  • If you’re unsure about the nature of one’s visit, DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!