October 29, 2020

October 29, 2020 2:27 p.m. ^DJM

William McNeill Booking PhotoBaltimore County Police are searching for other possible victims after charging a 26-year-old man with rape.

William Pervis McNeill, Jr. of the 500 block of Carrollwood Road, 21220, is being held without bail on charges of second degree rape, fourth degree sex offense and perverted practice after he sexually assaulted a man on October 22.

McNeill met the victim by creating fake job opportunities on social media. The victim answered the ad and went to the suspect’s apartment for an interview. The victim was then sexually assaulted during the interview.

Police are asking the public to contact detectives if they believe they were solicited for a job opportunity and were sexually assaulted by McNeill. Detectives confirmed that McNeil used cell phone apps and fake profiles to make the job opportunity appear realistic. McNeill’s booking photo is being released due to the fake profiles. We believe victims may recognize his photo and come forward. Victims are urged to contact detectives from the Baltimore County Police Special Victims Unit by calling 410-307-2020.