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iWatch Baltimore County

Report Suspicious Activity

Do you see or know of something suspicious? BCoPD asks you to partner with us by submitting tips about suspicious activity through our iWatch Baltimore County tip form. Send us your tips any day and any time. Or, email your tip to

Call 911 for an immediate police response to emergencies and crimes in progress.

What is iWatch Baltimore County?

iWatch Baltimore County is a neighborhood awareness program created to encourage citizens to be vigilant in identifying and reporting suspicious behaviors that may have connections to crime and security threats.

The Baltimore County Police Department has initiated this community partnership to help local neighborhoods stay safe from crime and possible terrorist activities. Together we can make our streets safe for our families and children, and prevent our communities from being the target of terrorist attacks.

Suspicious Behaviors to Report

  • Unknown individuals loitering or lurking near you
  • People drawing or measuring important buildings
  • Strangers asking questions about a home or building
  • Abandoned backpack, package, briefcase or suitcase
  • Cars or trucks left or abandoned in No Parking zones
  • Intruders in secure areas
  • Chemical smells or fumes that don't seem normal
  • Someone purchasing supplies or equipment that can be used to make bombs or weapons
  • Someone purchasing uniforms without having the proper credentials
  • People who identify themselves but do not have credentials

Important Places to Watch

  • Your neighborhood
  • Government buildings
  • Religious facilities
  • Amusement parks
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Mass gathering locations such as parades and fairs
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Theaters
  • Shopping centers
  • Bridges
  • Public transportation

iWatch Baltimore County Disclaimer

This website provides a Web Tips Form that can be used by the public to report crime and/or suspicious behavior.

1. To report an emergency or crime in progress call 911 immediately.

2. You may report suspicious activity, neighborhood concerns such as abandoned vehicles, parking violations, zoning related issues or any requests for assistance that do not require an immediate response. For an immediate response please use your telephone and dial 911.

3. We encourage good faith reporting of information regarding a crime or a wanted person through this web site. You may request to remain anonymous, however the Baltimore County Police Department reserves the right to contact you to verify or clarify the information you provide. The Police Department shall make a reasonable effort to maintain your anonymity.

4. Pursuant to Maryland law it is a crime to make false statements and/or misuse electronic communication. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Acceptance of the above terms is required in order to continue to the Web Tips Form.

I Agree

Revised June 10, 2020         


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